Importance of Math

What would happen if math was never discovered?

Leinad hated math.

Leinad was in 5th Grade. This picture is Leinad. Leinad did not like math because he did not understand how ancient it is and important It is. He likes playing Minecraft and Chess online. Citation: picture by iPad that took the picture of Daniel Choi.

Educators at Ananda Badari University

The Story Begins

Leinad was frantically kicking on how might he destroy this evil being. Leinad was an exceptional High School Sophomore. Honors classes, 3 sports, almost all a's. What could go wrong? He hated math. All of it. And one day he just had enough. He was sitting in math class. Then he did it, he had a very very large tantrum. He was sent to ISS and went home very sad. He went to bed and slipped into a vivid dream.

Professor Parks

Leinad wakes up, and gets ready for school. He is sort of creeped out, as there is no one else on the bus or in school, except for Professor Parks. He thinks he is in trouble, but he remains calm. He sees a light. He goes to it. He doesn't know how or when, but he is wandering through a forest like in the background. He finds a sword. He picks it up, and he is in a movie like area with his gaze transfixed at the screen. He is seen in prehistoric times and a strange man walks up to him. He explains that this is a mission and the result of it will help him in the end. He also notes that it has to do with math. The man says Leinad could ask only 2 questions. His first question was, “How is history ever related to math?”

How is history ever related to math?

Math actually did not start in America, it started everywhere.

Babylonian Math

This happened first and was any math between the rise and fall of the Sumerians. it has a base 60 system and they used geometry, and division with reciprocals. They had pre-made numbers showing the squares of numbers up to 59 and cubes of numbers up to 32. They also discovered many Pythagorean triples or integer numbers that make right triangles

Egyptian Math

They used base ten with hieroglyphs, fractions and used algebra with quadratic equations, they took area and were a major development

Greek Math

Greece is north of Egypt. Pythagoras made the first math club in Greece, and his club used number theory, Geometry, and irrational numbers, calculus and proof by contradiction. Greece also had many notable mathematicians

Chinese Math

China is southeast of Greece. They experimented with negative numbers, decimals, a place value decimal system, a binary system, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. They showed pascal's triangles centuries before Pascal and gave an approximation of pi.They also made the earliest abacus.

Indian Math

India is south of China. They had a system of weights. They used geometry, exponents, square root, 0, decimals and modern trigonometry. they formed calculus, estimated pi, and solved polynomials.. They invented negative numbers, an exact representation of pi, and sequences.


"Wow, amazing. now last question," he said, "What does math do in real life and games."

Real Life

Math is used for budgeting, managing money, TV size, pizza portions, sports points, engineering, architecture, industry, planes shapes, tips, tax, buoyancy and fuel inefficiency.


Games use a lot of Graphics, Coding, Animation, trajectory, simulation, physics, pathfinding, and quality.

He returns

Leinad returns to the math class and destroys the other professor but he is locked into the Pyramid of Giza. He uses math to find a way out of the maze, but the door won't open unless he can control his sword with these 5 questions
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Leinad successfully goes to the class and brutally obliterates the professors. as the last professor was stabbed in the heart, Leinad wakes up from his dream ready to start his new day showing a new appreciation for math.