Going Google

Volume 2 Issue 11

Uninstall an extension in Google Chrome

What happens when you’ve installed an extension only to realize that it doesn’t work the way you want it to? Uninstalling is easy.

This video will walk you through it.

Or, here are the steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome (make sure you are signed in).

Extensions Manager (AKA Switcher) Extension

This extension allows you to enable, disable, uninstall extensions, applications and themes quickly and easily.

Use the options across the top to switch the view of your extensions manager to easily see what you have and make changes!

Google Keep

Jot down notes with Google Keep on Android devices. Everything you write is saved to all of your devices, so you can access it from anywhere.

  1. Open Play Store.
  2. Search for “Google Keep”.
  3. Tap “Install”.
  4. Open the installed icon.
  5. Select your Google Account.
  6. Touch the Note icon on the top left.
  7. Title and write your note.
  8. Add a photo to the note with the camera icon.
  9. View, add, and edit notes online from your desktop computer at drive.google.com/keep.

Notes and to-do list are now synced among devices.

Wouldn’t this make a great way to remind yourself of bulletin boards you’ve seen, ideas from workshops, etc.? (Not to mention, a great way to keep gift ideas at your fingertips!)

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