Social Media Manager

Redefining Your Business

Ethos of Digital Transformation: People are Paramount

Digital transformation has become an eventual challenge in changed scenario marked with rising use of emerging technologies – analytics, mobility, social media and smart embedded devices – as it impacts industry structures as well as strategic positioning. Thus the organizations need to cautiously implement digital transformation strategy – where people, not technology are paramount – with a concrete approach to exploit its strengths and ease its challenges.

Key Focus of Digital Transformation:

  • Re-envisioning Customer Experience
  • Operational Processes
  • Business Analytics

What is Social Media Manager (SMM)

SMM applies industry knowledge to “on the edge” technology – on either as cloud based service or custom development solution – together with inputs of Capgemini’s manufacturing Center of Excellence-CHROME to provide a tangible solutions to meet your business needs

What SMM do for Your Business

SMM facilitates understanding / analyzing public sentiments expressed in social media – collated by social media BPO required for this solution to work – about your products, services and dealers performance etc. vs. your competitors on parameters like quality, costs service levels and sales performance

What SMM Offers

  • Anthology of users’ comments/views collected from social media portals, blogs and forums
  • Tagged and sampled data depicting public sentiment of your brand for further textual analysis vs. competitors
  • Option to choose different competitor brands to analyse one’s brand
  • Outputs are available on multiple mediums i.e. iPad, Web browsers and email
  • Graphical report in form of pie/bar charts with drill down facility

How SMM Enables Organizations in Digital Transformation

  • To take advantage of new technologies for successful marketing campaigns
  • In reshaping organizations to take advantage of existing strategic information
  • To formulate strategy adaptable to changing environment

Method & Source of Data Collection:

  • Sourcing data from Social Media Aggregators – Attensity360 & Radian6 – using high end search ontology
  • Keywords for search ontology are developed by domain experts
  • Stratified random sampling method – strata being the social media channels –for aggregated insight generation
  • Emphasis on segregating noise at multiple iteration levels to arrive at the data to be analyzed

Key USPs:

  • Ready-to-use & Easy-to-rollout at multi-sites/locations suitable for B2C organizations
  • Easy-to-maintain using Azure cloud & Adaptable to suit the technology stack of the customers’ needs
  • Satisfying customers’ need by efficient US front office together
  • Inputs from Capgemini’s manufacturing Center of Excellence-CHROME
  • Supported by technological expertise of offshore team

Solution Tools

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud hosting service
  • Microsoft SQL Azure Cloud database
  • Drupal, PHP: Content management system
  • High charts for graphic charting (or any other BI tool)
  • HTML 5, jQuery for user interface and Phone Gap for wrapping

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Disclaimer: The data collected for Social Media Manager are publicly available in platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, discussion forums, etc. and does not violate any copyright issue.`Closed forums, internal enterprise social tools and any other private social media platforms are not considered for data collection.