The Manning Weekly Newsletter

October 5, 2018

Dear Families,

It was another incredible week at Manning. Observing classrooms this week, I realize we have a special culture here. Our teachers are not only effective at what they do, but they also care so much about each of the students we have here. We are so grateful that you chose our school to entrust with your most precious possession!

This week's Newsletter is packed with upcoming dates and other information, so please take a look and get an inside glimpse of what's going on in our school. I really look forward to meeting many of you this Wednesday and Thursday at our Parent Teacher Conferences.

Have a terrific weekend.

David / Mr. Luongo

School Pride Assemblies

Wednesday, October 10th ~ 8th Grade

Thursday, October 11th ~ 6th & 7th Grade Combined

These days will be a regular bell schedule (NOT an assembly schedule). The assemblies will occur during Access at the end of the day.

New Recess Equipment

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This Thursday was like Christmas when our kids were surprised with a whole bunch of new games and balls! Thank you to the PTA for gathering student requests and providing the funds to make recess way more fun for our students!

Pre-Arranged Absence Form

If you know that your student will be absent from school for two or more consecutive days, our school policy does require your student to complete a pre-arranged authorization form that can be found on our website under the Student Resources tab or the student can pick one up in the main office. Your student is required to take this form around to all of their teachers and counselor to obtain a signature with the final drop off at the main office for our Principal to sign and approve.

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Parent Teacher Conferences are coming up soon! We have heard from many of you that the arena-style parent teacher conferences of years past have felt impersonal and hectic, and that you spent a great deal of time standing in line to see your student’s teachers. We have also heard from teachers that it’s difficult for them to have the conversations they need to have in that kind of boisterous, public environment. Furthermore, we had overwhelmingly positive feedback from our redesign of conferences last school year, so we are going with the same format this year:

SCHOOL SCHEDULED CONFERENCES (come if you’re invited):

  • Wednesday, October 10 from 4:00-5:30 and
  • AND Thursday October 11 from 5:30-7:30
  • During these times, each teacher will have 8 minute, scheduled individual conferences with families of students they’d like to have more extended, specific conversations with.
  • If you are the families of these students, either an administrator or counselor will contact you to schedule an appointment with the teacher requesting a conference. These invitations will come to your email by the end of the day on Tuesday, October 2.

OPEN CONFERENCES (come when you can):

  • On Wednesday, October 10 from 5:30-7:30 and
  • Thursday October 11 from 4:00-5:30
  • We will have open times for families who do not receive specific appointment requests; that way, you will still have the opportunity to visit with teachers in their classrooms, even if they are not requesting an individual conference with you at a specific time. Also during these open conferences, our counselors and administrators will be available in the library to share your student’s NWEA MAP (our district wide assessment) results and help you make sense of them.

We will schedule appointments with those parents whom teachers are requesting to see by the end of the day on Tuesday, October 2. If you have not heard from one of us by then, you can assume that you do not need to attend the individual conference times and that you are welcome to come during the open conferences to meet and talk with teachers. If you would like to request to see one or more of your student’s teachers for a specific concern, please email me so that we can discuss what time might be best.

Parent Info Meeting for New York City Trip

This trip is for 8th graders only. Parents, if you would like information about the trip to New York City, please join us on Wednesday, October 10th from 5:00-5:30 in the library. This is right before the Parent Teacher Open Conferences, so you can stay and meet teachers after the meeting.

Interested in Wrestling? Click the Button Below for Information

Wednesday, Oct 10 - Walk to School Day

If you live nearby, we encourage you to jump on the bandwagon and walk to school! It's good for your health (as long as you look both ways before crossing a street) and it's good for our environment as well.

There's a New Deputy in Town

We are fortunate this year to now have a full time School Resource Officer at Manning. Deputy Candise Lewis recently joined our team and we are happy to have her! The Sherrif's Office is providing her to our school not because we have an increased risk of misbehavior, but because when it comes to student safety, it's nice to have Law Enforcement close by.

Hi! I’m Deputy Candise Lewis. I have worked for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office for almost ten years. In those 10 years, I have worked in Detentions, Patrol and now as a School Resource Officer, assigned to Manning. I am also a member of the JCSO Honor Guard unit and get to do fun things like present the colors at the Rockies and Avalanche games!

I am a Colorado Native, married with 2 kids and an adorable dog. On the weekends, we enjoy going on adventures as a family. We like to camp, hike, explore and travel.

I look forward to getting to know all of the staff and students throughout the school year!

Robotics Club

Robotics club has started! We will meet every Thursday from 3:30-4:30 pm continuing into November. We are looking for parent volunteers to support. Please reach out to Mrs. Putnam or Mrs. Burg if you would like to support. Robotics Club will take place in Mrs. Burg's room B2.

Please Plan on Coming to our Fall Fest!

There are a limited number of spaces for entries in the chili cook-off on Friday, October 26th (but lots of other donations are also needed). Sign up here, and remember to give your chili a creative name. Votes will be collected and awards given in the following categories: Best Staff chili, Best Class chili, and Best Red, Green and White (Other) chili. We hope you’ll contribute your best chili and join us for a fun evening!

This year’s Silent Auction, held during the Chili cook-off is going to be great! There will be many items to bid on, including baskets made by the Manning Access classes, and a cash-only Wine Pull.

Student Tickets to the Dance $10 - Buy in Advance Please

Student tickets to the Fall Fest Dance on Friday, October 26th from 6:30 to 9:00 pm are now available for $10. Parents can log into Jeffco Connect and pay this fee. The more who pay up front instead of at the doors, the easier it will be to place our Qdoba order. $10 includes a ticket to the dance and Qdoba dinner, however some of the extra activities and food/desserts/drinks may be an additional cost, so it might be a good idea to send your child with some cash. Thanks in advance!

Manning Concert Tickets

Our Fall Concerts are coming up!

  • Tuesday, October 16th @ 7:00 pm - Advanced Ensembles
  • Wednesday, October 17th @ 7:00 pm - Beginning Ensembles

Here is the link to our Manning calendar at Seat Yourself where we sell tickets for our concerts. Tickets are $3.00 each plus a 50 cent service charge per ticket.

School Spirit Schwag

Is your student wanting to purchase clothing to show their school spirt or are you looking for Christmas gifts? Please check our Manning Web site under the student resources tab to purchase your items our deadline is October 14. These items will arrive the week before our Thanksgiving break.

An Impromptu Debate!

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Something amazing happened in Ms. McLeod's Access class on Thursday. Earlier in the day, in English class, she had asked a question about whether or not a character in Jack London's The Call of the Wild deserved to die. The students were so invested in their opinions that two students, Lora Vessel and Liya Brunfan, wrote down their opinions then asked to have a debate. Ms. McLoed welcomed other students in class to join and they spent about fifteen minutes outside debating the question. It was impressive how much textual evidence they were including to back up their opinions.

7th Grade Scientists Rotate Through Stations to Analyze Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes, and Volcanoes

Big picture

Guitarists Learn Their Chords

Big picture

In 6th Grade STEM, Students Had to Design a Landing Device That Could Fall 48" Without Spilling the Marshmallows

Big picture

When This Device Hits the Ground, the Flaps Come Down for Extra Shock Absorpsion

Big picture

3 Tardies = 1 Detention

Looking at our list of unexcused tardies, we have a large number of students who have 2 so far, which means one more and they earn a detention after school on Tuesday. Please reinforce the importance of time management and getting to class on time.

"Magic the Gathering" - New After School Activity

"Magic the Gathering," a card game of strategy, will be offered in the Library after school on Thursdays from 3:30 to 4:15. The first meeting is Thursday, October 4th. You don't need to know how to play, because you will learn at the club. However, you will need to bring your own deck of Magic cards.

No School on Friday, October 12th

Please be aware that JeffCo has a scheduled fall break with no school on Friday, October 12th.

Update from Our PLC Wednesday Afternoon

This past Wednesday, our teachers met as an entire staff and:

  • celebrated good things happening at Manning
  • Ms. McLeod shared the paragraph structure she teaches her students, called PEA, which stands for "Point, Evidence, Analysis"
  • talked about housekeeping items

At Manning, we strive to live our core values every day.

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  • Dustin Hendrix saw that someone dropped a $50 dollar bill and returned in to that person.
  • When my friend dropped her $5 bill, Alyssa Pedraza picked it up and happily gave it back to her.
  • Audrey Patten got a 500% and decided to talk with her teacher about why she got such a high grade and if the teacher needs to lower it.
  • Charlie Gilbert is so charismatic! He is always cracking our class up. He's also honest with himself, his classmates, and his teacher, when his goofiness is interfering with work. Charlie is good about getting back on track.
  • Lora Vessel was honest when she dropped a piece of trash on the ground in the cafeteria. I asked her if it was hers and she said yes and picked it up.
  • Hayden Noyes was talking in class and the teacher said however was talking please stand up and he was the only one how stood up.
  • Vincent Ma is always being himself.
  • Clara Bailey saw that the pipe in the bathroom was broken and reported it to the hall monitor to be fixed


  • Ms. Hughes tries really hard to help us all with our homework during access and math seminar.
  • Clayton Zenisek, Kohei Shimada, Harrison Pina, and Isabella Lombardi are great at showing effort in everything they do, like respecting others and so much more.
  • Jacob Skwarek puts a lot of work and effort into his homework.
  • August Hazel works very very hard in every class and gives his best in every class. He deserves to be nominated because he is humble and does not think he is as good as he is.
  • Henry Zwartverwer showed effort by getting a soccer ball on the field after recess. Henry saw that somebody kicked the soccer ball away in the opposite direction of were he was going as the kids were called into recess. Henry stopped in his tracks and ran to go get the soccer ball showing extreme effort.
  • Riley DeJesus comes from the temps and always get to access on time. She shows effort by not wasting time when she is coming to class.
  • Rowan McLain came to a new school in manning and showed great effort to make new friend, connect with people, and not be shy but just to make everybody´s day by being bright and happy.
  • Kahler Cardone respectfully advocates for himself in person and through email when he doesn't understand the math work or feels he needs extra help.
  • Chloe Heath kept our group on task while we were all doing group work and made sure everyone participated and had an equal say in what we wrote down.
  • Beate Taylor held the door almost every day after recess untill pretty much everyone was inside.
  • Rory O'Brien picked up trash during recess to make the school a better place to be.
  • Leif Hanson goes in every morning to fix his concept checks so that he has a better grade in math. He take his time that he could be spending messing around with his friends and uses it to have a better education.
  • Soli Ficco put enough effort into saying "You got this" when I was nervous about taking my first test and she didnt have to.
  • Aiden Piper is always prepared for class. He strives to complete the best work he can. His perseverance and positivity spread throughout our class. Keep up the great work Aiden!
  • Maizy Hoffman always puts 100% into her work and makes sure it is the absolute best it can be.
  • When a student dropped their pencils, Kendyl Weston helped pick them up while everyone walked by.
  • Mary Hoyt went the extra mile to help her friends with homework. She helped them figure it out without just giving them the answers.
  • Jake Lowrie wasn't even behind in math and went back to fix a lot of things on his papers to increase his grades
  • Mr. Johnson has done a great job coordinating Outdoor Lab so that 6th graders can make connections from school to the outdoors this coming January. Thanks Mark!
  • Brooke Gothard is always asking how she can help around the classroom. She is very helpful!
  • Nevaeh Abeyta is always thinking of ways to make the world a better place. She puts these ideas into action and I really appreciate her work on these ideas.
  • Lief Hansen went in for tutor time every day to fix his concept checks.
  • Ms. Putnam is always helping us learn and making sure we understand.
  • Ms. McLeod tries her best to answer everyone's questions.
  • Camille Miller in classwork and homework she puts alot of effort into it.
  • Shayne Winn always works hard in her classes and does her best to understand new concepts.
  • Ellie Kuntz puts in a lot of effort into every piece of work that she does
  • Luke Henry has always worked hard
  • Charlie Lessel goes in to tutor time to get his grades up.
  • Giuseppe Licata always tries his best in photography and he always works his hardest in that class.
  • In PE, Allie Rickinson tried her best and never gave up
  • Maizy Hoffman always works hard, and is always confident an isn't ever a downer.
  • Emily Ziporin is always helping others and even helped me with find my classes.
  • Tessa Steinke is always working hard in access to finish as much as possible. Never getting distracted but still being kind to all.
  • Ms. Putnam spends an hour after school setting up for tomorrow.
  • Mrs. Putnam always puts a lot of effort to teach everyone, she makes slides and pieces to review every day! She also teaches and does fun activities to help us learn.
  • Beate Taylor holds the door almost every single day at recces for everyone.
  • Mr. Molinare always makes my class laugh, and he tries his best to make his class amazing.
  • Trenton Steeves doesn't give up at anything and he held the door for like 10 mins when his class was coming inside from the courtyard
  • The Science Department spent so much time before and after school preparing for all of the labs last week and making them perfect and safe.
  • Giuseppe Licata helps other people by standing up for them.
  • Kaitlyn Mitchel always gets her work done on time and she never gives up on what she is doing even if something doesn't go as planned.
  • Cameron Baxter's tower in STEM was falling apart and they had to take it down and his partner didn't want to "waste" his time to fix it even though he took it down without consulting Cameron he decided not to come in for access or tutor time the next day and he build his whole tower because his partner wanted to use his access for other things and his effort allowed him to have a successful tower.
  • Colin Chow makes an effort to do great in his classes
  • Allie Neal is always asking questions, going above and beyond in Math. She is always eager to learn and wants to understand. I admire her.
  • Mr. Molinare always trys to create a fun learning environment for us and always helps us with everything we need help with. He is also really funny and is always really nice to all students.
  • Mr. Luongo is always very nice and makes an effort to help us and has very funny jokes.
  • Quinn Lukrafia always gives his all in sports and in school


  • Melanie Dar was the first person out of the entire class to pass the calculator test and she went on khan academy every night just to do lessons to help her become better and more affectionate at all of her school work.
  • Mary-Therese Hoyt helped one of her classmates.
  • Leif Hansen has been coming to school early to be sure he does well on his Concept Checks.
  • Kiran McDonald has been asking about ways she can improve her grade. It takes a lot to put achievement first, especially if it success isn't coming naturally.
  • Sam Puffett is always curious. He is a hard worker and has strong observational skills. He spends time outside of class asking chemists questions about science concepts he learned in class. Way to go Sam!
  • Ms. Burg helps me when I am struggling in class.
  • Maizy Hoffman always excels over others when it comes to academics. She always aces her tests and always makes sure she can do extra credit to bump up her grade even though she is busy with lots of other things.
  • Addison Helms always helps other people in photgraphy
  • Emily Ziporin always goes above and beyond in all of her classes.
  • Harrison Pina was out sick for 8 days. His 1st week back he was very focused on making up his work by emailing with his teachers and attending tutor time in the morning almost every day. 1 week after his return he is all caught up with past and current assignments
  • Kori Mayfield connected a science topic to an experiment she had done in the past. She wrote down the guiding question and procedure for the teacher, so that other students could experience this same experiment that helped her understand the topic. Great work Kori!


  • Nick Cruse spent 30 minutes of his time to hold the door open
  • Ellie Bucholtz Truong leaves inspiring notes in her friends' lockers everyday, and gives them a great confidence boost!
  • Every single day I always see Beate Taylor at the door at recess holding it open for all of the kids who are coming in for recess. Iv'e only seen her one time when she hasn't done it I think she should win it.
  • When I dropped my stuff in the hallway, Kori Mayfield helped me pick it up.
  • Delsey Stringer is respectful to her peers and she acknowledges everyone strengths smart and the best in everyone
  • Madeline Yoder and Jane Bendl are always kind to others even if they have a bad relationship with that person. They are always kind.
  • Dylan Lewis and Julia (I don't know her last name) realized they both were coin collectors and started a really interesting conversation.
  • Something fell from my locker and I didn't notice and Emma-Rose Hensly stopped everything even though she would be late and picked it up for me.
  • Joe Dixon is continuously being a good friend to everyone and is very respectful to his peers.
  • Marina Denton held the door open for everyone in her math class.
  • Andrew Mudd is always helping me with school stuff and Homework, also he is funny and a great friend.
  • Aubrey Pasquale always helps people when we are in classes. When we are at our lockers, she also always lets the person under her get through and get her stuff first.
  • A kid dropped his notebooks and Mr. Luongo stopped and picked them up for him.
  • Kendall Weston supported her teammates when at a cross country meet.
  • Addy Joy - For being kind to me always and when there is no seat at a table at lunch she will move to let them sit there.
  • Haley Bergren is super nice and a great friend she definitely deserves this!
  • Sawyer Vale respects everyone he meets, no matter who they are and what they're doing. He respects people in Musical Theater all the time.
  • Adelaide Joy is always kind to everyone and when ever their isn't enough seats for one of our friends to sit, she is always willing to move to a different table so their is enough room for them. I think she deserves a nomination because she is so respectful to everyone even if it means she must move.
  • Ella Yancey is always kind to everyone around her.
  • Owen Fulkerson is kind and inclusive at lunch.
  • Nicholas Brown held the front door open for 20 minutes before school started on Tuesday.
  • Stella Meyer makes it her goal every day to be positive and kind to everyone around her.
  • Addison Pung is kind and respectful to other students as well as to equipment in the classroom. She writes professional emails to staff and is the first to ask you how your day is going. Keep up the great work Addison!
  • Ms. Burg is always willing to help and loves all her students!
  • Vincent Ma stayed late in the cafeteria to pick things up
  • Ella Yancey was picking up trash around the school after school that wasn't hers.
  • Logan Dorsey is very kind to his peers and is very respectful and helpful.
  • Makena Knop picked up trash on the field that blew out of the trash can
  • Ms. Agard is always nice and funny
  • Mrs. Burg is always open to questions and loves to help others
  • Kaden Hamilton gave up his turn so others could play spikeball
  • Khiana Nelson is always in a good mood and is always smiling at people and is making people have great days even if they are having a bad day. I have never seen her have a bad day without pointing out something good about it.
  • Ms. Burg is always supporting us in everything we do.
  • Leif Dahl and Audrey Sara both are kind and outgoing, and they help people when they need help. When people feel upset they try to help them, and are problem solvers.
  • Brook Lavin respected her teacher by doing bell work with out complaining.
  • Karley Allan always helps other students.
  • Lucas Jones is always respectful and tries his best in class.
  • Quinn Lukrafka got us paper so we could do the assignment.
  • Kaitlyn Mitchel held the door open for everyone in the temps during the passing period
  • When I dropped my stuff, Delsey Stringer helped me pick it up.
  • Ms. Burg emailed me when I needed help on my test
  • Tero Cook responded and respected his math teacher.
  • I didn't have enough money in my account to buy a drink for my hot lunch, so Maizy Hoffman kindly bought one for me without me even asking.
  • Audrey Patton picked up a piece of glass while we were outside.
  • Ms. Burg is always very nice to everyone, and she is open minded.
  • Mr. Grenawalt is nice and flexible with due dates
  • Nevaeh Abeyta shows respect on a daily basis by not talking and paying attention in class
  • Beate Taylor held the door for everyone after recces for about 4 minutes
  • Caroline Eldridge stayed after school and helped me organize my locker
  • Finn Smith always stays respectful to teammates and always includes them.
  • Aimee Allen is always a good friend to me and deserves to be recognized


  • Kate Kringle was late to lunch to help me carry my things and help me with my locker.
  • Jesse Laraque and Joe Dixon made me a pencil for 5 cents
  • Noah Busby - for working with my team.
  • When my science project got ruined, Ms. Burg still gave me the grade I would have got if it was not ruined, and I think that was very helpful to my grade. She also helps me in access and is very hands on and helpful.
  • Aubrey Pasquale helped me in the hallway when I dropped my stuff and helped me in class when I did not understand
  • Every morning Jasmine Collins holds the door for her peers. She has even begun tutoring students who need help.
  • Ms. Moore made sure her students had a fun way to review for their matter test. The students walked around exchanging words and giving the definition. She also played some pretty awesome music! Thanks for all you do Ms. Moore we appreciate it!
  • Gunnar Tande, Clara Lillie, Sawyer Vale, and Clayton Zenisek always work really well together in soccer at recess.
  • This goes out to Ms. Pouliot - Thank you for helping me start to figure out how to get everything done in a 45 minute class period without feeling super rushed every day.
  • Skylar Mercer helped me when I spilled my whole binder on the ground so I wouldn't be late to class
  • Mrs. Hughes could really be nominated for all areas of HEART; she is such a great role model. Why I nominated her for Teamwork, though, is because she encourages and teaches others to be the role model she is.
  • Jaden Martinez is quick to jump in and help a fellow classmate. He helps to hold his table mates accountable to classroom expectations and does so in a positive and encouraging manner. Keep up the great work Jaden!
  • Thank you to the staff and family members who helped us clean, organize, set up, and greet families at Element Exploratorium. We couldn't have done it without you!
  • We collabrated on my homework and Finn Heart's homework to get the answer.
  • Shayne Winn helped me with my science work
  • Elizabeth Perrone is always willing to help anyone and is a great team member.
  • When I needed help with homework, Ryan Jenkins was able to help me. He is always willing to help.
  • Sebastian Alfaro helped me with my math in Access
  • Even though Ms. Burg is a adult, she is always collaborating with all her students and accepting their ideas and she has always been nice kind accepting and caring
  • Riley DeJesus helps me when I need it and she is a leader.
  • Eloise Bucholtz Truong always helps her friends, even if they don't need help.
  • Glenn Olson always comes to the rescue for the science department! He is quick to help us find random materials for our labs and does so with a big smile on his face :) Thanks Glenn!

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The vision of The Manning School of Academics and Arts is to challenge all students to work to their highest potential and encourage student responsibility as they develop intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally and creatively.