Popular Forms of Sales Promotion

John Lemon

Premium Item Giveaways

A free giveaway that you are more likely to keep and use. Examples would be t-shirts, bats, and bags.


a race, conflict, or other competition between rivals, as for a prize. An example of this would be the Doritos Super Bowl Commercial Contest.
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Similar to a contest but winners are chosen at random instead. You still win the prize but does not take the skill required by contests to win.


Sampling is where the company will give you free samples so you can test their product. They are betting that after you try their product you will then buy it
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Point of Purchase Displays

A display located next to a check out counter in a grocery store is an example of this type of marketing technique
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It is a one time event that will bring people into the stadium such as free bat night at a baseball game. Another example is firework night at a football game
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Discounts that a store gives you to use so that you come into their store and buy their products.