The problems of Indian islang

By: nick godiwn

And Then There Were None Island Shot

One day you will never forget

If you ever wanted to go to a beautiful island, great for kids and family or a place with endless fun, Indian island is the place not to go. It is a place were you come to end your life no one has went and come back alive.

If you get the invite...

If you get the invite then probably did something seriously wrong. People that have been invited to the island usually have killed someone in some way shape or form.
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All the convicted murders died a different way on the island. A form of justice that was never served you could say.
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Files uncovered

"I have been down here for 6 days now the cellar door has closed shut and there is no way out. I have to remove each and every brick but there is no way out. I am probably going to die here, if anyone finds this tell my family I love them." - A statement from Mr. Jones before he died.