Bennett 3rd Grade Newsletter

September 4th - September 11, 2015

Homework via Google Docs

In an effort to make the homework process easier and more efficient, our weekly homework will now be attached to our newsletter via Google Docs. The homework for the upcoming week, along with the newsletter for the upcoming week will be sent out every Friday. In oder to open the homework file (or any file attached to our newsletter), you must view the newsletter in your browser. Once you have viewed the newsletter in your browser, you may access and print the homework directly from the newsletter. Your student may complete their homework on notebook paper and turn it into their teacher the following Friday. If you have any questions, or need a hard copy of the homework please contact your child's teacher.

It is very important that the homework reading log be completed and turned in each week. Students should read twenty minutes nightly. We have attached an interesting chart on the benefits and growth of students that read nightly, compared to students that do not read each night. Please look over the chart and share with your chid.

In Class This Week

This week in Math, we will be graphing! Students will be working with dot plot graphs, bar graphs and pictographs. Students will learn to read and interpret graphs, as well as, collect data to create their own graphs. We will also work on solving and creating our own multi-step word problems based on graph data. Students will continue to test on multiplication facts every Wednesday and Friday. We have had several parents e-mail to ask what they should help their students work on in math, besides learning their multiplication facts. It would be beneficial for all third graders to practice 3 and 4 digit addition with regrouping, and 3 and 4 digit subtraction with regrouping. Most students know how to do this, but need a refresher from the summer break. Several weeks of extra practice will help greatly. Your child's teacher will have extra addition and subtraction practice available upon request.

In Reading this week, we will finish our whole group novel study over Charlotte's Web by E.B. White. Students will learn strategies to clarify text that is confusing or misleading, by using text evidence. Students will also work on sequencing events in the novel, as well as, summarizing the novel. Students will complete their Charlotte's Web reading response journal. We will continue to look at our reader's responses, and discuss how we can make them more meaningful. We will focus on answering questions with elaborated answers, that use text evidence and make connections to the world, ourselves and other text.

In Writing, students will continue to work on writing a personal narrative. We will focus on writing sentences with complete subjects and predicates. Students will learn to make compound sentences with the use of coordinating conjunctions and FAN BOYS (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so).

Our spelling words for the upcoming week are: might, mind, kite, wild, bride, kind, bright, tight, grind, blind, hide and fright. Our challenge words are: invite, while and prime.

We will complete our Engaged! Learning Model (ELM) over pioneers, and how they have shaped their community. Students will make their group presentations to their teacher on Friday. It has been wonderful to watch the students work together using their 'soft skills' to solve their challenge!

Important Upcoming Events

Monday, September 7th: No School, Labor Day

Tuesday, September 8th: Volunteers and Visitors Begin at Bennett

Thursday, September 10th: Fire Clowns Assembly, Bennett/Nom Noms Night 5pm - 8pm, Scouting Event 6:30 - 8:30

Friday, September 11th: STUCO Forms Due

Monday, September 14th: Fundraiser assembly, Announced Lockdown Drill

Tuesday, September 15th: Taste it Tuesday

Thursday, September 17th: Girl Scouting Event 6:30 - 8:30

Friday, September 18th: STUCO Forms Due

Monday, September 21st: PTO Room Rep Meeting, Fall Pictures

Tuesday, September 22nd: PTO meeting 7:00pm/ELM Night, Watch Dog Sign Up Opens

Wednesday, September 23rd: Progress Reports Go Home

Friday, September 25th: Principal's Coffee 8:15, Friday Live 2:15

Monday, September 28th: Creed Lunch 10:30, Fundraiser Ends

Wednesday, September 30th: Bear Buddy Kick-Off 7:30am Library