Fake Bake Sale!

Join Tri-City Young Life in our Virtual Bake Sale

What is a Fake Bake Sale?

Tri-City Young Life is giving you a break from the cookies, cupcakes and those fruit cakes you never end up eating from bake sales and instead asking you to join us for our Virtual Bake Sale.

What is a Virtual Bake Sale?

You might be wondering what a virtual bake sale is - well, its fake! There are actually no baked goods involved - just some good looking pictures of some.

There's no driving or even moving necessary for this bake sale, just a few minutes of your time and a look at some yummy sugary treats, that we don't actually have to give to you!

What is this Fake Bake Sale for Anyways?

As we gear up for this summer and prepare to help get High School and Middle School students in the Tri-City Young Life to Summer Camp we are asking you to help up by purchasing some treats...fake treats!

Our online bake sale gives you the ability to donate to helping kids in the Tri-City area get to Summer Camp this year, just without all the calories of a normal bake sale!

Sold already? Great! CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW

Simply Follow the Link and Click the Camp Scholarship Option

Want more info? Still trying to figure out what a Fake Bake Sale is? Keep Scrolling!

The Benefits of our Fake Bake Sale

  • There is no chewing required. So, just relax your jaw for a minutes and read on.
  • There's no stress with picking between cookies or cupcakes- cause they don't really exist.
  • It's calorie free.
  • There's no way you can make a mess while you eat at fake treat (if you do then that is pure talent on your part).
  • You get more then just the satisfaction of a cupcake; you get the satisfaction of helping a kid go to summer camp! And what's better than that!

So, now that you are craving the sweet taste of helping to send a kid to camp keep scrolling and we will tell you how to donate and what your donation with help with!

Donating to our Fake Bake Sale

So you've laughed at our creativity and have gotten over the fact that we didn't make you any cupcakes and are ready to donate? Great!


Simply Follow the Link and Click the Camp Scholarship Option

By giving to our fake bake sale you will be giving students the chance to get to go to camp for a week and experience a community, friendships and the story of God like they have never before.

This summer we plan to bring 30 High School students to Young Life's WoodLeaf Camp this August and the camp price per student is ____

We are also bring 30 Middle School students down to San Diego at Young Life's OakBridge camp in July and the camp price per student is ____

So from the leaders, staff and students of the Tri-City Young Life area we all THANK YOU for your donation!


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