ECSE Classroom Newsletter

August 2013

Welcome Back

Enclosed you will find enrollment paperwork, as well as the classroom calendar which shows Tuesday, September 3, as the first day of school. The program will operate Monday thru Thursday from 8-12. Your child will begin school two weeks earlier than the Be Four students in order to give them time to adjust to the new classroom and routine prior to additional students attending. Staff will be contacting you soon to help you complete enrollment paperwork and discuss your child’s needs. All required paperwork should be returned to the Taylor School secretary, Shannon Quinn, as soon as possible so that your child can start school on time.

Student Records:

In an effort to keep our records updated for your student, we ask that you please contact Shannon at

231-439-6937 or voicemail 231-547-9812 ext. 386, if there have been any changes of address, phone numbers, medications, etc., before September 7th.


Please remember that all medications must be sent to school in the original prescription container accompanied by the green Inventory of Medication form. Additionally, we request that any food supplements or enzymes also be sent to the school in the original, unopened container so that we can accurately inventory the supplements.

We will not be administering any medication, prescription or non-prescription, without a physician’s signature on the Authorization for Medications to be taken at School form. If you would prefer, your health care provider may fax the form to us at 231.439.6940.


Breakfast will be provided. Meals will be delivered family-style which will support children in doing things for themselves as well as allow for child-initiated conversation. Please complete and return the green Free and Reduced Price School Meals Family Application (we will forward that application to your appropriate school). Please complete and return the form whether or not you wish to participate in the hot lunch program.


Your child’s transporter will contact you a day or two prior to the first day of school to inform you of your child’s pick up time. Please note that due to issues many of our students have with swallowing or allergies, we do not allow food or drinks on the buses. Please contact your child’s teacher directly with any messages or information. It is important not to send messages through the transporter. This will ensure that information is shared in a timely and accurate manner.