The Pink Panther

Kennedy Carver 3rd Period

Binomial Name- Rosea panthera

Description of Enviroment

The Sunshine Soaker is found in water, mainly in rivers and streams and other moving bodies of water. Typically found in moderate temperatures, can survive at extremely low temperatures, and at fairly high temperatures. It is in low altitudes and it requires a moderate exposure to sunlight to live.


1.) The plant has a thin layer of a hair like coat around the stem to keep it warm even in the cold temperatures it can face.

2.) The plant produces bubbles to help it maintain breath under water

3.) The seeds of the plant are light enough to be carried with water but they are heavy enough to sink and grow again when the water gets calm.

Seed dispersal is carried primarily through water and some insects carry the seeds.

Similar Plant On Earth

A similar plant on earth is the lilly pad because it is found in similar enviroments and has the ability to float on the water like the pink panther

Sexual Reproduction

I am able to tell that the plant reproduces sexually because it has the reproductive parts such as the ovary, the stigma, the anther, the filament and more reproductive parts.
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