September 11 2001

By Mason Crenshaw

I'm going to talk about a story on a day that changed the United States forever. A man named David Lim, like a normal day he went to work as a police in the North Twin Tower with his yellow lab ,Sirius. When the whole building shook, he freaked out because he thought a bomb got passed him and his dog. So, he ran towards the staircase to get EVERYONE OUT! Then the building collapsed over him, his friends, and a elderly lady. After a while, they got out of the debris. In a couple of weeks, the fire fighters and police found Sirius dead. They're many 9/11 stories. This is just one of the tragic ones!!

9/11 Summary

In my story, I said that Lim thought there was a bomb in the North Tower. But we know that's not true. It was a plane that hit the Twin Towers. Also a plane hit the Pentagon and crashed into a field. With all the terrorist attempts to brake us as a country, it did the complete opposite. It UNITED us!