War of 1812

by Claire Giannetti

Causes of the War

These are the reason for the War of 1812

The need for land: the British wanted land from us but we wanted to keep it because we felt that we need more land which led to arguing.

Impressment: British were capturing Americans and forcing them to work for them. This embarrassed us and we didn't get our ships back.

British and Native American Alliances: The Native Americans wanted their land back and made an alliance with the British for land which caused fighting between the Natives and America.

War Hawks: a Democratic-Republican group that encouraged the War of 1812.

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Important Person to the War of 1812

Andrew Jackson

While the Americans and British were signing a peace treaty in Belgium, one last battle was being fought in New Orleans. The Americans won and Andrew Jackson was considered a national hero.

Effects of the War

The Federalist party started to lose support, but the War Hawks carried on their beliefs. Because of the British war America had to start becoming economically independent and start factories to produce cloth.

Canals, roads, and a second national bank were created.