San Antonio Spurs

By Turner Hupfeld

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Team Information

The San Antonio Spurs are located in the Southwest region. The Southwest region includes states Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arizona. Physical features of the Southwest are canyons, deserts and sand dunes. Interesting facts about the Southwest: the Grand Canyon is located there, the Mexican-American War took place there and it's home of the Navaho Tribe.

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Team Economy

The AT&T Center is where the Spurs play. In 2006 the stadium changed it's name from the SBC Center to the AT&T Center. It did that because the SBC Corporation purchased the AT&T Corporation so the stadium changed it's name. Stadiums are starting to name their stadiums after company's instead of individuals because the team gets paid to have their stadium name after a company.

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Team History

The San Antonio Spurs were established in 1976. The founder was Cliff Hagen. The Spurs were originally in Dallas as the Dallas Chaparrals but when the franchise started doing bad they changed cities and changed names.

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Team Mascot Information

The Spurs mascot is a coyote. Coyotes are found mainly in the southwest but they can be found in lots of other places. Coyotes like mountains and deserts.

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The Spurs have won 4 championships (in 1999, 2003, 2005, and 2007) and been to 5 championships in a span of 14 years.