Month in Review

December was a fun filled month! We really enjoyed our visit to Rockynol and spending time with the residents. Our students baked over 100 cookies to share! They enjoyed the performance from the advanced orchestra, singing carols and chatting with the residents. We also enjoyed playing Christmas bingo with the advanced choir students. We learned about customs and traditions. We enjoyed trying out a few ourselves including making and eating latkes, baking cookies and playing the dreidel game. We also enjoyed a hot chocolate bar and holiday movies. The students really enjoyed all the crafts we made and they learned that giving gifts is just as fun as receiving them! We also made gifts to share with our friends and family! Students also learned about how to be a good communicator.
Kid President AWESOME YEAR Challenge!

A New Year.....An Awesome Year!

WE really enjoyed watching this video and hope you will too! Kid Presidents helps inspire us to be the best we can be this year!

Reach Out and Dance

Students are busy preparing for the show in May. They have learned the terms: sixth position, hit the deck, matrix, releve and reverence. They had done an amazing job learning the steps and how to enter and exit the stage. Each week the students look forward to dance class and seeing their dance teachers and Mr. Mark!

Student of the Month


Kobe is our Student of the Month because of how much he has improved in the area of communication! He is working on picture exchange and communicating to adults his self-help needs. He is always smiling and greeting people and has been doing an excellent job making requests for food, work, and music. Great job Kobe!

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January Curriculum

This month's Unique topic is "What a Change". Students will be learning about cooking, properties of matter and physical changes. Students will be focusing on balanced as our character trait.

Upcoming Events

January 7th- Last day of the grading period

January 8th- No School

January 14th -8th grade dance 6-8pm

January 15th- No School

January 18th- No School