Little Women

A Story About Louisa May Alcott

Louisa May Alcott

Born: November 29,1832 in Germantown,pennsylsmis,united states

Dies: March 06 1888 in boston,massachusetts,United States

Nationalility: American

Occupation: Novelist

Background Information

Alcott was taught by her father,Amos Bronson Alcott,until 1848,
and student informally with family friends such as Ltenry David Thoreau,
Ralph Waldo Emerson and Concord,Massaposition,to help supportcher
family from 1850 to 1862.During the Civil War, she went to washington,D.C
to work as a nurse.


Little Men :

About two kids one who becomes the recipient of a kind benefactor

and the other who goes on the run the street.the first when the second boy suddenly is brought into the school, he starts disruption encouraging drinking and gambling.when he is finally cast out of the school , the other boys react in various ways.

Eight Cousins:

Innocent Rosamode Vivian has led a dull and sheltered life until she meets phillip Tempest.the mysterious Tempesr is a Wealthy,World - traveling acquaintance of Rosamond's grandfather, and in spite of the old man's veiled warning, the pair elope and set off for the Riviera. After a few peaceful years of marriage,rosamond begins to discern the truth about her secretive husband.

Behind The Mask:

Lamont Cranston ,aka the shadow, has him hands full as the murder of blackmailing reporter Jeff Mann is blamed on him.Not only does the Murderer seem one step ahead of him as Lamont tries to discover his identity,but he is continually hampered from gaining crucial evidence by his jealous,interfering fiancé margo lane.


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