Honors U.S. History News Letter

By Mr. Ball, Vol. 1, Issue 8, 12/12/15

What we've done the past few weeks

- Monday, 11/30 - We discussed experiences of military members during WWI.

- Tuesday, 12/1 - We learned about the end of WWI and President Woodrow Wilson's 14 Points plan for peace.

- Wednesday, 12/2 - We compared Wilson's 14 Points to the Treaty of Versailles

- Thursday, 12/3 - We took our WWI Test

- Friday, 12/4 - We introduced our current unit with a comparison between Capitalism and Communism. We played Rock, Paper, Scissors to simulate life in a capitalist economy, and the redistribution of winnings to simulate Communism.

- Monday, 12/7 - Were reviewed a prior topic, nativism, to show how immigrants were treated following WWI.

- Tuesday, 12/8 - We learned about the Red Scare, the fear of Communism spreading to the United States.

- Wednesday, 12/9 - We learned about the experience of African-Americans during the Great Migration of the 1910s-1930s

- Thursday & Friday, 12/10-12/11 - We learned about the causes of the 1919 Race Riots in Chicago and throughout country.

Please ask your student about any and all of these topics. They are experts!

Upcoming Events & Topics

Current Topic

The 1920s

During this unit we will focus on the many cultural changes of the country following World War I. In the coming week we will learn about the Harlem Renaissance, Marcus Garvey, Prohibition, the Scopes Monkey Trial, and the Republican Presidents who dominated this era.

1920s Test

Our sixth test is scheduled for Friday, December 18 and covers our current unit. Students received a review guide Friday, December 11.

NHD Update

Exploration, Encounter, & Exchange

Our next milestone is due Friday, January 8. Outline due. This will be an outline of the proposed format of the project. Students must organize their research in a logical sequence that will address the context of their topic and the thesis they are proving. The outline format is on the Canvas page. Students have five different options for their project format:

1. individual or pair exhibit board

2. individual or pair documentary

3. individual or pair web page

4. individual or group performance

5. individual historical research paper

Upcoming Activity

1920s Webquest

December 21-23 we will be doing an in-class research activity on the 1920s. Students will have the opportunity to use their own electronic devices for their research. The research will result in a comparison between 1920s popular culture and today's culture.

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