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This type of credit card is used by people with little to no credit or a past history of bad credit. The major benefit that these cards provide is the ability to rebuild or establish a credit history which at some point may allow users to gain unsecured credit cards or other forms of credit finance. Definition of secured credit card: A credit card linked to a savings account. The funds contained in the account may be claimed by the company issuing... What is a secured credit card? Where can I get one? Bankrate answers the most common questions about secured credit cards. Secured credit cards Secured credit cards require collateral -- usually a cash deposit with the issuing institution -- for approval. They are designed for people with no credit or poor credit. A secured credit card is a alternative for people who can't get approved for a regular credit card. That includes those with bad credit and brand new credit. A credit card that is linked to a savings account, which allows the credit company to accept customers with riskier credit histories. The funds contained in the savings account may be used if the cardholder doesn't make the required payments. Secured Credit Card A credit card with a credit limit that is at least partially collateralized by funds in a special savings account. That is, a cardholder places a certain amount of money into an account with the credit card company, and this is used to protect the company from the cardholder ... Like it or not, in today's society you need at least one credit card. Being approved for one typically is not a problem for those who have an established, clean credit history. secured bomas provide better protection to wildlife. None of the hatch covers remain, suggesting they were not reliably secured and they washed away as the vessel foundered. British Dictionary definitions for secured Expand. secure Secured credit cards . A secured credit card is a type of credit card secured by a deposit account owned by the cardholder. Typically, the cardholder must deposit between 100% and 200% of the total amount of credit desired. Definition of secured in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of secured. Pronunciation of secured. ... Secured Credit Cards Secured creditor Secured creditor Secured creditor Secured creditors Secured creditors Secured creditors Secured Credits secured debenture Definition of SECURED CREDIT CARD: A credit card that is backed by a savings account or a fixed term deposit. A secured debt is money borrowed that is guaranteed (or secured) by the borrower's funds or assets and held by the lender in an interest-bearing account. What is Secured card? When a credit card holder guarantees payment to the bank by providing it with his Savings deposit de Additional - what is the meaning of Secured Credit Card? Owners of this card have poor or no credit history and this type of card helps to rebuild or establish credit history. A credit card that requires a deposit to be made in order for there to be any available credit is considered secured. Secured credit cards are used to raise credit scores for people who have bad credit or no credit. Debt backed or secured by collateral to reduce the risk associated with lending. An example would be a mortgage, your house is considered collateral towards the debt. Understand the terms and conditions that go along with the Wells Fargo Secured Card. A secured credit card is a credit card offered by a bank or other credit company in exchange for, or secured, by collateral. While many credit cards require an individual to have an average or above credit score, a secured credit card can be acquired even when an individual has a poor credit ... What does Secured Credit Cards mean? Just as with any type if loan, taking up the option of a secured credit card it means that you put up a security as collateral for your loan.
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