The Pericles are part of the aristocratic family. During the golden age Pericles are the most powerful man and is well educated, intelligent. One of the greatest accomplishments under the Pericles rule was the Parthenon. The Parthenon was built in honer of the patron, or protector, of Athens, the goddess Athena.

Greek Gods and Goddess

Gods and Goddess

The gods are the most popular myth today. The gods are immortal which means the can live forever. Zeus is the leader of the gods and goddess. The gods have there on rule to play in the world. Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades are brothers. Zeus is the god of humanity, Poseidon is the god of oceans or water, Hades is the god of the dead or of the under world.


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The search for knowledge

Dramatic art


The Parthenon is the temple of the goddess of wisdom and war also known as Athena. Athena is one of the gods that is not the big three.

Dramatic art

They used art all the time they used it for emotions and expression.


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