The Treasure Map

March 4-8

Thought for the Week

Handbook Headquarters

This section of The Treasure Map will serve as reminders of policies and procedures in place at IHES in either the teacher or student handbook.

MOVIE POLICY-student handbook page 43

Movies are not used for classroom instruction. If portions of PBS broadcasts or educational videos are applicable to classroom teaching, they may be used. If portions of G rated movies are shown in class, parents will be notified one week prior to viewing. Parents always have the right to say that they prefer to not have their children watch movies at school.

The Week in Preview

Monday, March 4

  • 2:45 First Grade PLC
  • 2:45 Third Grade PLC
  • 2:45 Fourth Grade PLC
  • ELDA testing window open
  • STAR testing window open-make-ups only
  • Bus evacuations-The person on atrium/bus duty will need to walk outside during bus evacuations.

Tuesday, March 5

  • 4:00 Karen's WU class meets here
  • ELDA testing window open
  • STAR testing Make-ups
  • 4:30-5:15 at First Baptist Church Required meeting to hear Mark Edwards; PLEASE CARPOOL
  • K-2 MAP Window opens-please refer to schedule sent out via email.
  • Carter-Brattonsville
  • 9:00 Tornado Drill
  • Rhonda at common core
  • Bus evacuations-The person on atrium/bus duty will need to walk outside during bus evacuations.
  • 6:00-9:00 High Tech Gala-Crystal to attend

Wednesday, March 6

  • 2:45 Second grade PLC
  • 8:10 and 2:45 Fifth grade PLC.
  • ELDA testing window open
  • Student Council Meeting
  • 11:30-3:30 Math TEaM meeting Hana and Carman
  • Gunter-Brattonsville
  • Bus evacuation-The person on atrium/bus duty will need to walk outside during bus evacuations.
  • 3:30 Summer Reading meeting
  • K-2 MAP window open

Thursday, March 7

  • ELDA testing window open
  • Powers-Brattonsville
  • 8-12 Rhonda at AP meeting
  • Bus evacuation-The person on atrium/bus duty will need to walk outside during bus evacuations.
  • STAR window closes
  • K-2 MAP window open

Friday, March 8

  • ELDA testing window open
  • Steele Brattonsville
  • K-2 MAP window open
  • Bus evacuation-The person on atrium/bus duty will need to walk outside during bus evacuations.

Happy Birthday, Pirates!

The Pirate Way

  • Remember to put at least 5 pictures taken during various times of the year into the R drive for the yearbook committee!
  • Check out this link from Crystal for 5 Learning Strategies that Make Students Curious
  • March 6th, next Wednesday is SC Walk to School Day. It will run just like the one in the Fall. Bus riders will let out on the corner of Anacostia and Congaree. Car riders will let out on Anacostia with Safety Patrol opening doors. All vehicles should enter on Congaree instead of Yukon for this event. Thank you for helping our students practice healthy habits.
  • Check out these projects created by Ms. Williams kindergarten class with the help of Ms. Rolling's Apple Geniuses!
  • Please remember that students can not be held out of related arts classes, this includes for MAP testing. Students who are not done testing in time for related arts should have their test paused and be allowed to finish at a later time. Students who are held from going to related arts classes miss valuable instruction and get behind their peers.
  • RtI: Teachers, at this point in the year some students who have been previously referred for testing for special services won't be tested until next year due to the volume of children being referred. While we don't want to discourage you from doing what is in the best interest of children. we do want you to be aware of where we stand in terms of RtI. Please continue to document interventions that you are employing with children and send this documentation to Ms. Lynn. Also, let the teachers of children who you have interventions in place for now know next year that these children are in great need of additional resources. This will keep us from having to begin this process over the next year. Next year the RtI process will be changing to align with what RtI should look like. The book Response to Intervention in Math says this about RtI, "The main objective of RtI is not to identify students for special education but rather to help all students achieve at a proficient level and ultimately make adequate yearly progress." More information regarding these changes will be available for next year.

Guidance News!

The character trait for March is COURAGE. Mrs. McCoy defines courage as the ability to overcome fear and adversity. A courageous student risks making mistakes and trying new things in his/her schoolwork. Courage is doing your best to do what is right even when others challenge your decision.

K, 1, and 2 nominations are due March 27

3, 4, and 5 nominations are due March 25

PLC Focus

We have met with Barbara and Liz three times. The feedback we've received from them has been so positive. They will be joining us again for grade level meetings on April 18. In your PLC meetings this week please discuss...

  • What are your grade level needs in terms of ELA instruction. Please send an email to Barbara or Liz and CC Crystal and me regarding your grade level needs for PD on April 18 so that we can work toward supporting you!

The suggestion has been made by a teacher to form a leadership team at IHES. This team would be comprised of one teacher representative from each grade level, special area representative and one "other" representative. This team would meet, ideally, once a month or as needed on Thursday afternoons after school. The purpose of this team would be to meet with administration to work on special projects, to give/get information regarding school and district initiatives to be taken back to PLC's and to serve as a platform for receiving feedback from teachers. While at this time this is only a suggestion, we want your feedback regarding this. In your PLC this week please discuss...

  • Do we feel a leadership team would be beneficial at IHES? Why or why not?
  • Do we have a team member that would be willing to serve on this team?
Please respond to these questions to Crystal and Rhonda after your PLC meeting this week.