Dazzling Gems - March Madness!

Get ready to put your best foot forward and march 2 success!

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"Luck" of the Stylish....

We know that our fun and success with Stella & Dot is not based on luck...We've got to plan the work and work the plan! But we've got all the tools that we need....It's all about taking action consistently and enthusiastically.

So - get ready....It's MARCH MADNESS time Dazzling Gems!!! We are going to end Q1 strong and SPRING into STYLE! We'll have challenges each week and a GRAND PRIZE of.......

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$100 Gift Card of YOUR CHOICE!

What will you choose?

  • to pamper yourself with some spa services?
  • a new outfit from your favorite boutique?
  • $100 towards that fabulous splurge pair of jeans?
  • sparkly shoes that you will wear WHEN you walk across stage at Hoopla as a STAR?
  • dinner out with your sweetie?
  • $100 towards a new piece of furniture or home item?
  • money toward some fun new pilates classes you have been wanting to try?

Let's share!

How do I get a chance to win?

Each week we will have challenges. You will earn a certain number of points for participating and completing the challenge. YOU WILL HAVE TO SHARE YOUR RESULTS WITH ME so I can keep track of your points earned. You can post your results to our Dazzling Gems FB page https://www.facebook.com/groups/437958266281856/ or email them to me mailto:missybryan@verizon.net Each point gives you one entry into the weekly challenge and ALL POINTS EARNED THROUGHOUT THE MONTH will count towards the $100 gift card!

WEEK ONE - watch for "flash incentives" on our FB page, too!


You know what I love about the beginning of the month - It's a "fresh start - a clean slate" for each of us! So whether you are just getting back in the Stella Groove after a long snowy winter...or if you are just setting new bigger and more fabulous goals because you are pumped up by the "Splash into Summer" incentive...it all starts with the SAME first steps - Setting goals and then BOOKING TRUNK SHOWS!

  • Post your goal for Splash Into Summer - 1 pt
  • Post where you want that $100 gift card to - 1 pt
  • State your sales goal ($ amount), number of in home trunk shows you will to hold, and sponsoring goal for March - 1 pt
  • Book a NEW in-home trunk show for March -3 pts or April - 2 pts (must list name and date and enter into your stylist lounge)

Time to STELLABRATE. Look at all this Fabulousness in February!

Check out this amazing promotions!!!!! Cheers to YOU!

Sharing the style - selling everywhere they go!

Yahoo for these Stellar Sellers!

  • Melissa Bryan 12276.00

    Alison Maugeri 8319.00

Look who gave themselves a 5% raise!

  • Shannon Burgwald 4563.00

    Stefanie Ott 4210.00

    Lauren Harrington 3264.00

    Jeanine Nau 2894.00

    Danielle Guarino 2837.00

    Meghan Scott 2819.00

    Bonnie Frain 2739.00

    Katherine Foster 2568.00

    Marla Salezze 2546.00

    Rachael Davis 2434.00

    Ann Marie Phillips 2428.00

    Rachel Cogan 2420.00

    Danielle Moyer 2387.00

    Elizabeth English 2326.00

High fives for $500+ in sales - love being qualified!!!!

  • Amy Wrobel 2188.00

    Megan Wittmann 1923.00

    Erin Kohrherr 1696.00

    Julie Roccia 1641.00

    Susan Lopez 1569.00

    Angela Nickum 1449.00

    Jessica Ehst 1342.00

    Laurie Falcon 1259.00

    Jennifer Francis 1258.00

    Beth Quartel 1228.00

    Molly Pulkrabek 1204.00

    Janelle Lechman 1200.00

    Debbie Oddi 1185.00

    Kristin Lawlor 1085.00

    Kelly Greenawalt 1063.00

    Amy Pasqua 1061.00

    Kristen Younes 1027.00

    Julie Weller 1027.00

    Victoria Miller 978.00

    Heather Irwin 949.00

    Hillary McDonald 908.00

    Emalee Warren 893.00

    Allison Rago 860.00

    Ardis Pitone 815.00

    Sarah Fielding 810.00

    Carli Orth 771.00

    Ann Heffelfinger 769.00

    Michelle Azevedo 759.00

    Michelle Lausch 743.00

    Pamela Sullivan 728.00

    Kathryn Schaible 709.00

    Ericha Guzzetti 696.00

    Megan Harkin 694.00

    Jennifer Mcgorry 659.00

    Billie Carpenter 624.00

    Ashley Meston 616.00

    Deborah Campise 602.00

    Jill Krupp 578.00

    Melanie Reagan 567.00

    Claire Fleming 565.00

    Melissa O'hara 557.00

    Lindsay Defruscio 547.00

    Patsy Schutte 543.00

    Jothi Strohmetz 536.00

    Heather Sorensen 534.00

    Brittany Stein-Ouimet 529.00

    Linda Lyons 520.00

    Natalie Barlick-Reed 517.00

    Julie Robenhymer 507.00

    Daniela Glomb 503.00

    Adrienne Oehlers 501.00

The Dazzling Gems is a growing team with strong leaders!

Look who helped another fabulous gal start their business off strong! Congrats for sponsoring and qualifying a new stylist!

  • Stefanie Ott 3

    Katherine Foster


    Amy Pasqua


    Melissa Bryan 1

    Suzy Albert 1

    Kristin Lawlor 1

    Ann Heffelfinger 1

    Victoria Miller 1

    Jeanine Nau 1

    Danielle Moyer 1

    Sandra Merriman 1

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