Johnson's Journal

Week of April 11, 2016

Bear Cub Shout-Outs

Thank you to all that signed up to work our 2nd Annual Home Campus Night and Community Fair! Gotta give an extra loud shout-out to Lyndsi for organizing the Community Fair portion of the night! We had lots of positive feedback from parents and Elementary staff!

This Week's Birthdays

Happy Belated Birthday:

3/28 - Dana Norman

3/30 - Barbara Whitfield

4/2 - Sonia Ramos

4/4 - Tammie Garcia

4/4 - Christy Johnson

4/6 - Julie Bergeron

4/7 - Nacheily Ramos

Happy Birthday:

4/12 - Rebecca Balderas

4/15 - Stephanie Burda

Calendar Highlights


Denim for Diabetes Jeans


9:30-10:15 - Christy Out for Admin. Meeting

11:30-4:00 - Christy Out for Admin. Meeting


Special Abilities Awareness Week - "Wear a Color Close to Your Heart" (below is the link to all the color symbolizations for each special ability) and Kick off for our “Drop in the Bucket Makes a Difference” Donation Campaign.

Christy out @ Panther Pride Feeder Pattern meeting in the PM

4 I's Coaching Call - 2:15-2:30 (This group can use Christy's Office)

Baby Shower for Michelle Olson - 3:35 - 4:35 (Library)

SPED Teachers- Revision and Update for Transitioning 4 Year Olds Due by 4:00 Today


Christy Out - Purchasing Meeting 10:00-11:00

Special Co-Curr - Earth Week Kick-Off

Rookie Round-Up - 3:35 - 4:35


End of 5th 6 Weeks!

T-TESS EOY Domain 4 Due - Upload as an attachment into Eduphoria

Early Release/PD Day - We will begin with PD in Café at 1:45.

This Week's Announcements

Special Abilities Awareness Month and ECI Donation Campaign

Below are the details of the events to come!

Donation and Honor Wall – A “Drop in the Bucket Makes a Difference” Donation Campaign for ECI will begin this week. We will send out a Flyer and Donation forms, both in backpacks and electronically, this week. Please turn in Donation Forms to Brandy when they come in each day! Please do not keep money in your classrooms.

Weekly Lessons/Enrichment Plans should be emailed to you. Be on the look-out for emails from Martha, Leah, Donica, Nicole for these lessons each week.

Author’s Visit – April 14th

Special Dress Up Days

April 6th – Wear Burgundy and Recognizes all individuals with Special Abilities Awareness

April 13th – "Wear a Color Close to Your Heart and Celebrate a Special Ability!"

April 21st – “We all have our own SUPER ABILITIES… Wear Super Hero Gear"

April 27th –"A DROP in the Bucket Makes a Difference" – Wear Green & Silver (This will also serve as a focused donation day with our campus. We will have folks in the drive-thru line taking donations.

Kinder Transition Spreadsheet Update - Due 4:00 this Wednesday

SPED Teachers...You will receive an email with the information you submitted in January regarding Kinder Transition Programing. Please review the information for each child. If you have additions and/or revisions, you will need to click on the Google Form link in the email and complete a new entry for each child you are adding or revising. The spreadsheet generated is being utilized for program placement at the district SPED level.

At this time, you ONLY need to do this for your students transitioning to Kinder. We have a day set aside, April 29th, to do this for our returning students. We will have a floating sub on this day and will do the revisions during our individual meeting time.

Professional Development Day on Friday, April 15th - Campus Needs Assessment

We will begin our work with our Comprehensive Campus Needs Assessment on Friday. We will meet in the Cafeteria at 1:45 to hear an overview of the process this year. Horizontal Teams will spend the remainder of the time in our 1st step of this process - Horizontal Feedback in each area.

On Friday, teams will work together to identify Strengths and Needs for 6 of the 8 areas assessed in the CNA. Each team will provide their input/feedback on a survey posted on Cub Hub on this day.

Red Hot Reminders

Domain 4 End of Year Input for T-TESS

Upload documents into Eduphoria by this Friday!

ELC Family News

Jaclyn George has had a very tough time personally in the past couple of months and needs her ELC family to rally behind her. Her son was recently diagnosed with a life-long illness and last week her husband suffered a mini stroke. Tests are still underway for her husband and they are just beginning to develop a regimen for her son. Please keep Jaclyn and her family in your thoughts and prayers!

Congratulations Brandy Clegg on the announcement of your new Baby Girl addition to your family AND the announcement that you are going to be a full-time stay at home mom!

Enjoy and savor these wonderful blessings! You will be missed!