The last Song

Nicholas Sparks

"I played for him as long as i could, mom. And i trike it beautiful for him, becuase i know how much it meant to him. But he was just so weak,"


A girl named Ronnie Miller and her Jonah go to their dads house for the summer. At the beginning of the summer she doesn't listen and does whatever she wants because she has to spend the summer with her dad and they haven't spoken in 3 years. The only thing they have in common is the piano. She doesn't want to spend the summer in North Carolina with her dad because he knows nothing about her and she is angry because he left 3 years ago. While she is with her dad this cute volleyball player runs into her and makes her spill her milkshake. Eventually they become friends and then they fall in love but then he keeps a secret that was hurting hurt dad. The reason that her dad wanted them to come down was because he had cancer. Her dad became really sick and died. Will goes to the funeral and apologizes."i never stopped loving you, Ronnie. And I never stopped thinking about you even if summers do come to an end."" I love you, too, Will Blakelee"
The Last Song - Official trailer
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I chose this book because the movie was really good and people usually say that the book is always better than the movie, My favorite part of the book occurred when Will kissed Ronnie for the first time. In my opinion, the book is really sad but so touching. Some reasons i liked the book are it was a sweet book and cute. Overall, i would rate the book a 5 because it was a really good book!
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