Digital is Better than Analog: TV

By: Michael Anderson

Types of TV's

Analog TV

Analog TV's were very popular when they came out, but Digital changed all of that. People would complain that TV channels would ghost or snow, which means that they would be blurry. For, channels broadcasting further away, it would be more blurry. The transmission of the sounds and picture would be too amplified because of how long the trip is to that TV.

Digital TV

Digital TV is transmitted by data bits of information, and is just as computer data is written into a music video. As one's and zero's.This was way better for people who lived in more isolated places, because the signal comes out just the same as it was put in, not causing it to blur or get fuzzy. This ended most analog TV's in 2009.


HDTV is transmitted the same as digital, but the only reason more people prefer this kind of TV, is because it has more detail or more pixels. This means that more pixels are being transmitted to the TV screen making everything look crystal clear.

TV Five W's


Which TV is the Best?

The best of all of the TV's is Digital TV. It transmits waves out of the TV the same way they came in, making everything sound and look exactly how it is really happening. HDTV is considered a Digital TV, the only difference is that the more pixels give it a more crisp look. Analog was blurry and fuzzy, and you could not hear what the people were saying, but Digital TV fixed this problem. Now no matter were you are, you can watch TV in great non-blurred graphics, and hear the sound great. Overall, Digital TV's are the best TV's to get, making Digital better than Analog.



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