By: Nicole Limberg

Mass Media

Mass media in the United states around the 1960's was growing in impact and in interest. With the T.V becoming more and more popular and getting into more homes it was reasonable to suggest that most had access to a T.V somewhere. As more and more channels were being introduced to the T.V universe gossip also reached the airway along with reality T.V and game shows of every kind. As people liked the T.V more and more the radio when down in sails and started to resort to music instead of competing with news and other shows on T.V. This was the first T.V boom in history, fast starting the mass media culture in america and ultimately making every america access to news, gossip and many other things that had not been available before. This made american life a little easier being able to get information about the rest of the world right inside their home.
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Radio and Movies

In the 1960's in america it was a time of technology from the radio to the movies everything was changing life as we know it. Since the T.V was taking the news and many other things heard on the radio and found in movies to a new level it was hard to compete, especially when you could find it all in picture in the warmth of your home. For the radio the answer was simple find something that did better without picture and they did music. They brought the viewer the joys of music in your car or in the house nothing compared to listening to music on the radio. The radio also brought other things like local programming, news, weather and community issues. For the movies the fix wasn't so easy and with less movie goers they needed to make a change fast. They started the change by making more movies in color but as the T.V began to be in color the movie theater added movies in 3D which you were able to watch with special glasses. As a result movies and radios were more popular but still had less viewers than the T.V. American's had more options when staying indoors and these improvements allowed the average american to stay inside and enjoy technology in their own home.