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News for the weeks of 5/10 - 5/17

Principal's Message

Good afternoon, Pirate families!

The end of the school year is fast approaching. Students are excited now that the weather is beginning to get warm. As the end of the year nears, there are a lot of activities and events that mark the end of the school year. There is a lot of information for families below on what is upcoming for students. If you have questions, please feel free to contact the main office.

As principal, I am always looking to grow and improve. I have linked a parent survey here to get some feedback regarding this year on involvement and communication. Please let me know your experience with Plank in order to make adjustments.

Tyler Haymond


Plank Junior High School

April Top Pirates

When students are caught exhibiting one of the Six Pillars of Character, teachers nominate students to earn the "Top Pirate" designation. Staff will do a drawing on the last Wednesday of each month and pull six names; one student per pillar, any grade level. Students will be recognized over the intercom in the morning, and will then be asked to go to Student Services to receive a free donut and a "Character Counts at Plank" bracelet.

March Recipients were:

Addison Richter - 6th grade

Alexa Cuevas - 7th grade

Lindsey Paz - 8th grade

Aiden Cortez - 8th grade

Gigi Gallo - 8th grade

Cailyn Smiley- 8th grade

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

Our next teacher appreciation lunch is Tuesday, May 14. The theme is still yet to be determined. If you are interested in signing up to bring in a food item, please reach out to our HSA representatives. Non perishable items can be dropped off any time Monday the 13th, perishable items need to be dropped off by 9am on Tuesday. Thanks for your help. Sign up to volunteer at this link.

Robotics information Meeting May 14

There will be an informational Robotics Club meeting on May 14 from 6:30pm –
7:30pm in the Plank cafeteria for the 2019-2020 school year. In order for your student to be considered for the team, one parent/guardian must attend the meeting. Completed and signed applications must be returned to Plank Junior High no later than August 23, 2019 at 6:30pm. See the attached flyer for more information.

8th Grade End of Year Events

We have several events for our 8th graders planned for the end of the school year.

On May 17th, 8th Grade will have the 8th grade bash. This will be our 8th grade only dance. This is a semi-formal dance. Students are encouraged to dress up for this event, but it is not intended as a full formal occasion like a high school Prom. If you are interested in volunteering for the 8th Grade Bash, the sign up is found here.

On May 29th, we will hold 8th grade celebrations and Recognition Night practice during the school day. We will have the opportunity to run through the Recognition Night program and expectations, and spend some time celebrating with each other during the afternoon. This will be running through the school day.

Finally, on May 30th, we have our annual Pirate Palooza during the school day and 8th grade Recognition Night at Oswego East High School in the evening. Our recognition night is celebrating the accomplishment of completing a successful elementary and junior high experience, and transition students onto their respective high schools. It is a celebration of student accomplishment, but not a formal graduation. Our Recognition Night will start at 6:30 PM. More information on Recognition Night can be found at this link.

Pirate Palooza May 30th

Our Annual Pirate Palooza celebration will take place on May 30th for all students. Sign up to volunteer at our stations during our event below.


Summer School opportunities

District 308 Summer School 2019 Catalog

Registration for summer school courses is open now through June 3rd. Courses offered include credit recovery, Honors Prep, and enrichment. Course listings and additional information regarding summer school can be viewed in the catalog at the link below.

Summer School Link: https://www.sd308.org/Page/8978

Further questions regarding summer school should be directed to Christopher Grays, Secondary Summer School Coordinator at cgrays@sd308.org or 630-636-3481 or Jamie Max at jmax@sd308.org or 630-636-4520.

Summer School “Bridge to Spanish 2” Course

Current 8th Grade Spanish 1 students - please consider signing up for the Bridge to Spanish 2 course offered in District 308’s summer school program. This course will be a comprehensive review of grammar topics and the skills needed to be successful in a World Language classroom at the high school. The course will be three hours long and will run for three weeks.

High School World Languages - Updated Board Policy

1 - A student who is taking a language course at an Ethnic school (i.e., - Greek School) can receive high school credit so long as they pass a proficiency test.

2 - A student must receive approval from the superintendent or his designee (HS principal) to receive credit for an online course.

Updated Board Policy

PE Exemption or Home School PE

The Board of Education recently updated and clarified the policy as it relates to junior high students being exempted from PE. Board Policy does not (except in a couple of instances) allow for junior high students to be exempted from participating in Physical Education.

While we have had a number of parents of students who, due to significant numbers of hours spent in club sports, have chosen to Home School their student for PE, it is often confused as a PE Exemption. Should a parent choose to Home School for PE, a student's instructional day will be 8 periods in length, instead of 9. The student would not have the option of enrolling in an additional course or study hall. This may be different from what has been in practice this year.

Appeals Process for ELA/Math Recommendations

If you have questions regarding a recommendation, please contact your student’s teacher directly. For information regarding the appeals process for a Math or ELA recommendation, please click the link below.

Appeal Process Google Doc/Word Format

Appeal Process PDF Format

Shane's Kits

School Supplies

Plank Jr. High is once again partnering with Shane's School Supply Kits. You can make 1 purchase and have your school supply needs taken care of and ready for August. 2019-2020 Kits are available here.

Pirates at the State Science Fair

Congratulations to Aurora Jackson and Lauren Doskocil, two 8th grade students from Plank Junior High in Oswego, IL, for competing in the Illinois Junior Academy of Science State Fair at Southern Illinois University on Saturday, May 4, 2019! Aurora and Lauren qualified for the event by successfully competing in their school science fair at Plank and then performing well at the Regional Science Fair at Northern Illinois University on Saturday, March 23rd. Aurora and Lauren were two of only eight total students from all of SD308 (the remaining six were all from Bednarcik Junior High) to qualify for the state fair against entries from all across Illinois.

Aurora’s experiment was “Mutant Radishes” and employed 3D Printing and other tools to determine whether or not desired results of genetic engineering could be achieved simply through environmental adjustment when growing radishes. Aurora’s experiment competed in the Botany category. Lauren’s experiment was “RAMPaging Cars” and sought to understand how the efficiency of transportation was impacted by gravity and what supports it. She constructed a magnetic ramp and car for testing. Lauren’s experiment competed in the Physics category. Both young women were sponsored by Mrs. Denise Parlier, an 8th grade science teacher at Plank.

During the Regional Fair at Northern Illinois, both Aurora and Lauren were awarded special recognition from sponsors. The American Nuclear Society selected Aurora’s project and awarded her a cash prize, certificates for her school and herself and a book for superior achievement in the field of science and technology. Similarly, the Association of Old Crows bestowed the Physics & Science Award on Lauren and awarded her a cash prize, certificates for her school and herself and a book.

Final results from the Illinois Junior Academy of Science State Fair at Southern Illinois University should be in this week.

AVID Schoolwide at Plank Junior High

AVID schoolwide brings together instruction and the culture of our school to ensure the college readiness of not only the AVID elective students, but the academic performance of all students. All teachers are using WICOR strategies to develop and strengthen students writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading skills. Each parent newsletter we will be highlighting a WICOR strategy we are using at Plank.

AVID Spotlight: Reading

The "R" in WICOR stands for "Reading". While reading is a skill that is emphasized in the AVID elective, it is also a skill that is paramount for all core subject areas.

AVID defines Reading in this manner:

Reading is:

*Strategically gaining meaning, understanding, and knowledge from print and other media



Students who read:

*Understand text structures

*Apply prior knowledge and make connection to text, self and world

*Make predictions and ask questions

*Create visual images as they read

Students are exposed to a wide variety of different reading strategies throughout their day at Plank to help gain a better understanding of different types of writing such as: literature, historical documents, maps, rules of play, lab reports, charts/graphs and news articles.

Toiletry Drive

Plank Junior High will be sponsoring a toiletry drive until May. If you have unused toiletry items from your spring break travels, please bring in to donate to a good cause. We are collecting these toiletries to donate to Hesed House in Aurora. Questions? Contact our student services team in the office at 630-551-9400.

Student Reminders and Parent Notifications: Student Dress

Student Dress

The Winter weather is starting to turn to spring, and warm weather is on the way. As a friendly reminder, there are some dress guidelines that we want all students to be sure to adhere to, right out of the student handbook.

Student dress and personal hygiene is the responsibility of the student and his/her

parent or guardian. Student dress and/or accessories should not be disruptive to the school environment and/or education process and personal hygiene must meet reasonable standards of health, cleanliness, and safety. Wear clothing as it is intended to be worn; undergarments should not be visible. The following provides examples of clothing and/or accessories that cannot be worn and/or must not:

Display comment, picture, or contain slogans, weapons or designs that are obscene, profane, lewd/vulgar, symbolize or represent profanity or sexual innuendo; may reasonably forecast disruption to the educational process;

a. Displays or references drugs, tobacco products or alcoholic beverages;

b. Is suggestive and/or disruptive (e.g. extremely tight fitting, cleavage-baring, fails to cover the midriff, halter-tops, sheer/see-through, strapless, tops with thin straps, short shorts, skirts, or dresses that are above mid-thigh), and/or shredded clothing,

c. Hats, headwear, sunglasses, unsafe footwear, coats, bandanas, gloves, chains, and spikes must be removed upon entering the building.

Inappropriate student dress may result in a conference with an administrator, a change into proper attire and/or parent/guardian contact. Students may be asked to remain in the office until proper attire is obtained. The administration has final determination on appropriate dress and consequences for inappropriate dress.

Plank Spirit Night Fundraising

The following events are Spirit Night Fundraisers. Anywhere between 10% and 20% of profits will come back to the Plank HSA to help fund events like our Pirate Nights and support teachers in the classrooms through our HSA grants. Follow the events below, mention Plank when ordering, and look for the notifications on blackboard and through email for the flyers to support Plank at these restaurants. Thank you!

TCBY Spirit Night

Friday, May 10th, 11am

2840 U.S. 34

Oswego, IL

Mention Plank to return a portion of the proceeds to the Plank HSA.

Buffalo Wild Wings Spirit Night

Monday, May 13th, 11am

1550 Douglas Road

Oswego, IL

Mention Plank to return a portion of the proceeds to the Plank HSA. We are Team "H."

TCBY Spirit Night

Friday, May 17th, 11am

2840 U.S. 34

Oswego, IL

Mention Plank to return a portion of the proceeds to the Plank HSA.

Culver's Spirit Night

Monday, May 20th, 11am

2781 U.S. 34

Oswego, IL

Mention Plank to return a portion of the proceeds to the Plank HSA.

Giordano's Spirit Night

Thursday, May 23rd, 11am

2870 W U.S. 34

Oswego, IL

Mention Plank to return a portion of the proceeds to the Plank HSA.

TCBY Spirit Night

Friday, May 24th, 11am

2840 U.S. 34

Oswego, IL

Mention Plank to return a portion of the proceeds to the Plank HSA.