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The best way to Get Good quality Android Tablet At An Very affordable Price On the net?

If you are searching for the best quality tablet that wont crash while playing an activity or watching a movie, the brand new 7 Inch Quad Primary Tablet PC launched through iAzuz on Amazon ought to be the tablet of your choice. Uncover more about Android tablet

What Are The Salient Features Of This Tablet?

• Easy To Use: This is often recognized as the best android tablet for the speed it offers while watching a video or browsing the web or playing 3D games. The great resolution makes it even more attractive for buyers.
• 7 Inch Breathtaking Experience: Giving you 30% extra PPI in screen resolution from typical 119 PPI to 170 PPI, this tablet offers maximum flexibility and visibility for all the possible uses and it is ideal for pictures, movies and of course the latest high-end 3d games on the android market.
• Quad Core Processor: The quad core processor of the tablet guarantees the highest browsing speed as well as gaming speed for you.
• Dual Camera: This Android tablet allows you to take selfies anywhere anytime with its dual camera. You can Skype a friend or family member with the webcam or take a group photo for your album. These are just a few benefits and possibilities of a dual camera.
• Android 4.4 KitKat:With the Android 4.4 KitKat pre-installed on your tablet everything becomes too easy. Browse through different apps faster than ever before, play the most demanding games with no problems and enjoy the loyalty of a true top-level firmware.

Why Should You Buy This Tablet?

• The resolution of iAZUZ 7 inch tablet is 1024*600 HD Quality with 3D AMD Graphic Accelerator lets your kids play their favorite games and catch up on TV series including Movies.
• You will find the Android's top software, 4.4 KitKat, Bluetooth, wifi support (802.11b/g/n) and pre-installed Google play store pre-installed.
• The tablet supports up to 8GB storage with extra storage capacity available Micro SD card extension up to 32GB and Memory.