Grand slam

By: Majorie Maddox

Meaning of Grand Slam

The meaning of this poem is to portray that when you get older you may not always be able to play the game. The poem depicts a field covered in frost and someone missing the days of playing baseball. This depiction leaves the reader to think about days of playing baseball and missing it. A theme through out the poem is that one, time is a thief that can take away what we love. Another is youth and how the game reminds you of your youth and all the times you played the game.

The Poem

Dreams brimming over,

childhood stretched out in legs,

this is the moment replayed on winter days

when frost covers the field,

when age steals away wishes.

Glorious sleep that seeps back there

to the glory of our baseball days.

My Poem

Dreams of playing in the lights remain,

Thoughts of the field fill my mind,

No chance of playing again,

Season over and real life leaves me blind,

The dream could be accomplished through pain,

Time has been a thief and left me behind,

I look to the field and know the game is no longer mine.

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