Create a Country

Ben Kleppek


  • location

My country (Brillz) is 203 acres. My country is coastal, that means it is near the coast. my country is in the Southern hemisphere

  • physical features

Brillz has a canyon and cliffs and lake and wind power. Brillz’s main terrain is plains. The river was formed by water beating down the rock and eventually made a river.

  • climate

Brillz is a temperate seeing as it is not close to the equator or neither of the poles. Brillz has Maple Oak and Pine trees because the climate is temperate

  • natural resources

Brillz has wind, canyons, water and fresh water. Brillz’s wildlife is trees, sharks and fish.

  • human environmental interaction

The interaction between these two is good because we do not use cars, but big fishing boats.


Brillz has 1 sport, Hang-gliding. Brillz people wear normal 21 century cloths. The major job in Brillz is sharking because there are an abundance of them along the shore. Another job is fishing in the Demuth Lake because the sharks scare them in the Lake. The teeth and fins are both used. Teeth for currency and fins for trade and fin soup.

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Brillz has a mixed Government between Rep. Democracy and dictatorship. It is called Rep. Dictatorship. Brillz's people have the 10 amendments. Young people can chose to go to school if they like.


Brillz is a developed country. The services in Brillz are teachers, fishers, sharkers and pro hang-gliders. Other countries Brillz trades with is James Rauzi's (wood, beef. coal and vegetables) country and Will Ernst (wildlife)


The name Brillz come from the native’s language which to them Brillz means brave man or courage. this applies to them because of the job of fishing and harpooning sharks for their fins was dangerous.

Flag. White represents the wind, Red represents blood shed for sharks, Blue represents water and yellow represents wealth

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