Mrs. Meyerhoeffer's Newsletter

November 14, 2022

Our Week

Letter of the week: Dd and SH diagraph

Sight words: she, was

Math: writing equations, adding sums to 5

Religion: Elijah’s Ups and Downs

Bible Verse: “I am with you always” Matthew 28:30


Wednesday, November 16--Our class chapel at 10:35

Wednesday, Nov. 16 - Family Night - Children's Museum 5:30-7:00 (at our school)

Thursday, November 17--Our class Thanksgiving Feast

Friday, November 18--Thanksgiving lunch at our school if you signed up

November 28--Monday Opening

Class Chapel

Our class will be singing a song at this week's chapel. The kids are VERY excited.

Chapel begins at 10:35 and we will be singing shortly after chapel begins. Chapel lasts about 20 minutes. If you are able to come we ask that you sit in the back of the church. Once chapel is over your child will be able to come see you, so if possible please stay around until the end. If you do not plan to attend make sure your child knows. This age child gets very sad if they don't have someone there for them, but if you have explained it before hand it makes a big difference. Thank you!

Please make sure your child dresses especially nice on this day. It will be recorded and posted on our school's website later that same day so you can watch it and share it with family and friends.

Thanksgiving Feast

We will be having a special kindergarten style Thanksgiving feast in our classroom on Thursday. We will make Pilgrim and Native American costumes on this day and then we'll sit down and have a feast together. Thank you to everyone who has already signed up to provide an item. You guys are so wonderful! We have everything signed up for!


Your child will be coming home with their red homework folder today. Please work through each of the day's activities and return the folder on Friday.

100 Club

Congratulations to Harper for getting into the 100 club last week! WOO! HOO! Way to go Harper!

Paws Family Night--November 16

PAWS will host a family night on Wednesday, November 16 from 5:30 to 7:00 PM. The Children's Museum will be at our school with STEAM activities.

The activities will take place in the gym, cafeteria, and some classrooms in the school.

We will not have food at this event. Make plans to come and play for a while.

Thanksgiving Lunch--Friday November 18

The menu is Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, a salad bar, hot rolls, and pumpkin dessert.

Time for lunches:

Pre-Kindergarten Classes - 11:15

Mrs. Reed's Class - 11:30

Mrs. Hegman's Class - 11:35

Mrs. Meyerhoeffer's Class - 11:45

Ms. Schmidt/Mrs. Gullidge - 11:40

Mrs. Rhoades/Mrs. Gullidge - 12:00

Mrs. Buscher -12:05

Mrs. Reynolds - 12:15

Ms. Kelley - 12:20

Mrs. Carlson - 12:25

If you have children in multiple classes they can all go to lunch at the same time with the youngest student.

Reading Opportunity

Mrs. Rhoades, our Reading Specialist, is hosting a Thanksgiving Reading Workshop! This is a great opportunity to excite children about reading while practicing reading foundations, comprehension, and fluency.


The workshop will focus on comprehension and fluency skills involving fun Thanksgiving stories. We will also play a game and make a craft, all Thanksgiving-themed!


Monday, November 21st (time slots will vary, each workshop will be 2 hours)


Open to preschool- 5th-grade students


The workshop cost is $50, including a snack and craft supplies.

Follow this link to register:

** If you are home with your children that day and would like to drop your children off together, allowing you some extra time to prep for the holidays, we may be able to arrange a multi-age group, depending on the need.

Thanksgiving Break November 21-25

There is no school from November 21-25. Students in our extended program must notify the office if their child is attending.

They must be on our list if they are going to attend. They will need a cold lunch Monday-Wednesday. Our extended care program is closed Thursday and Friday.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!