Deep Thinking

Smore 1: What's Media Literacy

Dajauna Zachary

Mrs. Danley

12 CP Lang Arts

7 January 2016

I believe that Media Literacy is being able to help people relate and understand situations. This process is done through a variety of ways such as; television, newspapers, magazine, and things you can access through the Internet. I think that Media Literacy is also a way that people can share their thoughts and opinions on certain situations and topics. I believe that this course is made to broaden people’s thought process and in a way help you develop better thinking skills. It helps us acknowledge new information and make sense of it. In addition to that it also helps us understand other people’s views and opinions across the world. Not only does Media Literacy help people understand things, it also creates a way for people to express themselves. Media Literacy creates a platform for individuals to put whatever they may be thinking or feeling about certain situations out into the public. This can help people develop different skills with technology such as writing or video making skills. Even a picture is powerful enough to make people think and evaluate situations that are happening. Media Literacy also aids in people being more connected with one another throughout the world. For example, someone way across the global in a place like china can now view and see someone’s thought’s in South America and now two complete strangers can have something in common about a situation that is in Germany. I think that Media Literacy is a way for people to view images, or writings and they have the ability to form their own thoughts and opinions based off that information.

Smore 2: Social Inequalty

Dajauna Zachary

Mrs. Danley

Social Inequality

5 February 2016

Women have always been belittled in life, and have only been seen for their looks. It was years before they even began to see even 1/3 of the freedom that men have had since the begging of time. Some women are seen as nothing more than housewives, and not even considered for some jobs if a man is going for the same position. In society today women are inferior to men, and it’s purely based off of gender. As of today there are many women who have to work part-time as well as full time just to support their families. Although females have qualifications to make a lot more then what they settle for. Often women do not get the positions of managers, or the president of a company, and if they are in a power position, their voices are not heard. Even though society has come a long way, and women are not just seen as “housewives” we still have a long way to go. I will not support any businesses that do not have any women empowered or make me feel like they do not think I am smart enough to work at their company. I will also make sure to donate to foundations that are dedicated to helping women start their own business. So finally I can see women of and empire, their own brand that doesn’t have to do with make-up or clothes, but technology or Construction Company. It is 2016 and it’s time for women to be on an even playing field

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Smore 3: Super Bowls Advertising

Dajauna Zachary

Mrs. Danley

Smore 3

12 February 2016

Superbowl Advertising

The commercial “First Date” (2016) advertising the Hyundai Genesis illustrates that the car has a new feature that allows you to find the car anywhere from your smartphone. The commercial shows a dad letting his daughter go on a date for the first time with a guy, and the dad allows the boyfriend to take the car for the date. The commercial shows this feature by showing the dad, actor and comedian Kevin Heart, popping up and spying on the couple wherever they go using his phone to find his car. The author portrays a comedic commercial showing how you can use the new feature in the car to find it. The commercial is used to grab the attention of fathers of teenagers, using a comedic tone to get viewers to laugh

Smore 4: Men in Advertising

Dajauna Zachary

Mrs. Danley

Smore 4

12 February 2016

Men in Advertising

In today’s society men are portrayed as, childish, unreliable, and unmotivated. They put women on a pedal stool and showcase that we are powerful, smart and the hard working one’s. This is modeling society into women treating men like kids, and to belittle them. Although people are always complaining about inequality for women, men are also not getting treated as equals either. People often see men as strong, but you have to tell them what to do or else they will do it wrong, like they have no direction or a mind of their own. This is simply now true, but it’s because of commercials like, Tostitos where guys just stand around and watch other people work, and take credit for it. As well as Allstate commercials where the husband is to blame for their insurance going up. They portray the women as looking down upon him, making it seem like he is not good enough. They show this by making the women a bit taller than the man and she stares at him and rolls her eyes as he speaks. The guy just looks down at the ground and seems timid, he speaks but only when he is cued to speak. Showcasing how women are superior to men.

Smore 5: Media Manipulation

Dajauna Zachary

Mrs. Danley

Smore 5

12 February 2016

Manipulation Advertising

People say “Women are in power” but when they show women being dominate the man is submissive and it is unfair to men. Then society goes back and says “well it should be equal” but in reality nobody knows what equality really looks like. However when the man is shown as powerful and the women is being quiet and submissive the male is portrayed as being the “bad guy”. Meaning that he is right, and the women is wrong, and she should just listen to him. Based on how the commercial is written you can see different gender roles. Depending on the individual’s mind set, they can either believe that the women is in charge, or the man is. Guys may think that they should control the female, and she should listen to him not matter that he says. In addition to that girls may believe that she runs the relationship and is more superior then the male. However you would never see both females and males on an equal platform when watching a commercial. Therefor on little kids who are impressionable can grow up believing that they should either be passive or submissive depending on which concept they were exposed to the most in life.

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Smore 6: Apple

Dajauna Zachary

Mrs. Danley

Smore 6

22 February 2016


I personally believe that a law abiding citizen’s privacy does matter. With this being said the FBI has disregarded this belief. The FBI has asked Apple to essentially make a “backdoor” to the encryption that is on every iPhone that ensures user security, which would allow them to access any iPhone by “brute force”. Although the FBI assures people that it will only going to be used one time, on this one case, there is no way of promising that this sort of power would not get into the wrong hands. In addition to adding a backdoor, the software would be weaker, making your phone susceptible to being hacked. As requested by the FBI they have provided data that was in their possession. The company has already stated that they have no problem giving whatever information the FBI needs for the case as long as they have a “valid subpoenas and search warrants (2) The San Bernardino.” If this software is created then it “could be used over and over again, on any number of devices (3) The Threat to.” Essentially this software can not only unlock anyone’s phone, but as well as any Apple product. A “backdoor” like this is way too risky; because there no promises that the contents of your phone or any device will not be looked at. As well as no protection against identity theft or stalkers, who would be able to have the power to hack in to your computer, tablet, and phone and hear your conversations, read any contents on your phone, or hack your camera.

Smore 7: Agree

Dajauna Zachary

Mrs. Danley

Smore 7

2 February 2016


“For an idea to exist, we must have words to express it.” I believe this saying is completely true, because if you cannot communicate then you have no voice. Which is a waste; because you need to be able to tell other’s what you think and feel, and what you want to do. Otherwise you conform to society and just learn to blend in without knowing how to think for yourself. Being able to express your opinions or desires is a really important trait to have in life. You would have a higher chance of being a leader in your community and having a strong influence, than other’s who are not able to express how they feel. Without a voice, you have nothing, you are not able to speak up for yourself, or on issues that are in the world, and be able to communicate with others. You will attend to follow others that possess the ability to share their ideas. After all every great thing we have in this world, started from a thought and turned into something bigger, and better, then reality. However nothing would be possible if the world was not able to form their own thoughts and opinions with others, and share them with the rest of the world.

Smore 8: Politifact

I found that different sources have different answers. It is almost impossible to give someone an answer that is 100 percent true unless you are quoting a person. Data changes, depending on sources, and sometimes numbers do not add up exactly. Therefor it is better for candidates to make broad claims than exact, because they cannot promise that it is the exact truth. I believe that it is very important to research what candidates say because they are not always correct. They sometimes make up figures, or they exaggerate a story to make it seem worse than what it actually is. If you just go around believing anything they say then you will not know the truth and you could believe a lie. Without knowing things for a fact, you have no voice and you cannot speak up so people can make a better informed decision before voting on a candidate. Nobody wants a complete liar for a president, because then you would be living blindly. You also cannot believe everything that the media claims to be true. They attend to over exaggerated things that have happened in order to get your attention. Often things they say are not the complete truth or they or half true. They only tell you things that are the most interesting to the public. The media really only cares about views, they are not necessarily concerned about telling us the full truth or things that actually matter. You cannot really rely on things you read on the computer, or things you see on TV. You kind of had to pick and choose which pieces are true and which are false. No two sources are going to have the exact same story. The problem with not knowing the truth is that you are not able to make an informed decision. You also are no longer required to think for yourself. You just believe whatever you are told and you go on without a care. You have no actual skills to live or think for yourself. You are then conformed, and are basically letting others control your thought process. Similar to the society in the book “1984” by George Orwell, they were not allowed to make a decision for themselves. Everything they were told they had no choice but to believe. People where complete oblivious to what was actually going on around them because they failed to actually do research and think for themselves.

Smore 9: Ain't Rebellion Fine

I believe what makes rebellions powerful is just the pure courage they have and the effort that they put in. In each rebellion they knew of course the risk that they were putting their selves in. They also knew that they were not going to win and the backlash that was probably going to happen. However they did not let these things discourage there decision to rebel. I believe what ultimately made them powerful, and people taking a stand for what was right and what they believed in. Proving to the oppressor that they were not scared, and willing to fight and die for what they wanted, and believed in.

I believe people ultimately got inspired to take a stand against others was that they realized nothing was going to change. If you do not do anything to change a situation then nothing is going to happen. Nothing will ever change and workout in your favor. I believe people were just tired of the conditions they were living in and decided to do something about it because they realized this. They also knew that it only takes one person to open up someone else’s eyes. That one person can show someone that they can so something as well then it becomes a domino effect.

Often rebellions start out in small groups. Such as the “Stono Rebellion” that only included “about20 slaves…” Also, it usually only takes a small numbered to inspire people to take control of their lives, and generate the courage to do something. The rebels usually are promised a better life, or know that they are fighting something much bigger than their selves. They keep things private, and sometimes even use code to communicate with each other. They also use the gift of surprise on their attackers.

Today in society I see that minorities are using social platforms. They are rallying and are expressing themselves showing they are not happy with how things are being handled. They protest the outcomes of Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown being shot in America. Another uprising I see is that people are being a lot more vocal online and apparent about their beliefs. Groups are being a lot more prevalent, and having rallies such as they Klu Klux Klan that will be gathering in Georgia on April 27th. I believe that there is going to be a racial uprising and people are going to be a lot more vocal on their beliefs do to all the social outlets the world has today.

Smore 10: Snowden & Surveillance

Both Winston and Edward have inside information about the government and what they are capable of. Winston knows that the government is destroying information and changing history. He knows that they are not always right, and there is evidence of this. However he is still helping the destroy it. While Edward is somewhat doing the same thing. He works for the government and is helping them hack into people’s computers and intercept text messages and calls from others. He also knows that the people that they are doing this to often have no knowledge that this is happening to them. However unlike Winston he makes the decision to speak up about the situation and inform the public. While Winston hold’s this power he does not do the same. He keeps the information private and he does not acknowledge it himself. Winston simply burns all of the information, while Edward shares it with the world. Winston is similar to Edward though, they are both employees of the government, and are capable of a rebellion with the information they hold. They also have the ability to open the public’s eyes so they will not be so oblivious to the capabilities that the government has. In a way they are a gateway to change. They have actual proof that most people just speculate, or are too scared to speak up on just because it may not be accurate. Both men possess the power to allow people to make informed decisions on what they choose to believe and want to do with their lives. However Edward is the only one who is putting his power to use. He isn’t afraid and is making a difference in the world. While Winston is a coward and feels like he is insignificant in the world and cannot make a change.

Smore 11: Is Technology sent from heaven

In a way I do not think that technology is making the world a better place. I feel like people take advantage of technology and do not use their brain to think anymore. Not even for things that would take simple common sense. I believe that technology contributes to a lot of laziness in the world today. Technology allows us to go through life and not have to know the simple things in life such as spelling. I know I am guilty of not knowing how to spell a word and just speaking it into a phone. We also do not need to know how to type anymore, since you can just speak the words. Also our communication skills with people face to face are getting worse as the years go buy. Now jobs will give interviews through webcam or over the phone. Being able to interact with people right in front of you is getting more awkward.

Smore 12: Happiness vs. Freedom

I believe that happiness is important. People can have a happy life without being able to do anything they want. People are happy in today’s society but they do not have some freedoms, we cannot go killing people and committing crimes. I believe that having restrictions is not always bad. Also the government being able to see what you send or share over the internet or text, or phone call, I do not believe it to be invasion of privacy. I feel like if you do not want someone to see something, then you should either share it in person, or you should keep it to yourself. Once you send something out, such as a picture or a text then you have no control over who can see what you are sending. Plus I feel like most people know what the government is capable of seeing and knowing that they can see all of your information. To be happy, you are going to risk giving up some of your freedoms. However that is something that I willing to give up in order to be happy with my life. If that means that the government can see that I have said something mean to someone or simply sent a good morning to text or called my grandma then so be it.

Smore 13: Gaslighting

Gas lighting is when someone uses negative words in their favor. They use it to persuade or manipulate someone to be in their favor. The American public is easily persuaded through comedy. Especially is it makes them think or question about things happening in the world. People have the power to use social media outlets to manipulate people into thinking what they want them to think. I believe it is so easy to manipulate the American public because a lot of the time they need something or someone to inform them so they can generate their own opinion. Especially when it is time for presidential elections, the candidates are very easy to manipulate because often times what they say in not genuine. A lot of the times in politics they adjust what they are saying based off of what they think people want to hear to get the majority vote, or to get people to like them. However their motives change, or what they propose to do is ridiculous. We can use what they say against them and just bring up the facts. There is nothing you can say against it, because you cannot take back words. You must hold full responsibility for the things you say and actions you take.

Smore 14: Final

Technology has become a big part of today’s society. In fact many of us cannot function without technology, it helps us stay organized, and connected with our relatives and friends. However some of us use technology more than others, making them become estranged from reality and the real world. Some people are able to sit behind a computer screen and live a virtual life. They have no need for the outside world and using there people skills. They become more connected to people miles away from them than their friends and family right in their own community.

In order for this to not become a repetitive situation and become the new epidemic, each individual must take action and not let technology control their lives. You can limit yourself to how much you use your phones, computers, tablets, or any other device. Allow yourself to only use it a few hours a day. Or occupy yourself with other activities and become more active with friends, and in your community. You can take up a physical activity, or hobby, even dedicate your time towards your family. Set up new rules, like no devices pass a certain hour, and if someone violates it, let there be a punishment.

Social media is used for many things, staying informed, learning new trends, keeping up with friends and family. Unfortunately a lot of us fall victim to social media, and attend to use, and check it all the time. Posting personal information, photos, and sharing others content. Some of us are lost along the way, just to get a few thousand views, or likes. We do idiotic things like “The Fire Challenge” or the “Kylie Jenner Challenge” where we put our lives in jeopardy. To keep us from being consumed we need to limit what we do. Start checking social media only a few times a day, for a certain amount of time. Limit how many social accounts you have. I personally only have Snapchat, and Facebook, both of which I use rarely. I may only check Snapchat when I am bored, or have nothing to do. I feel like if people use their time wisely and keep occupied, then you can go without checking social media at all.

I personally will not fall victim to social media, or any technology. I feel like there is so much in the world to see and do, and being attached to my phone is not one of them. I limit myself to how many social media outlets I have. I do not post often, so there is no need for me trying to check and see how many likes, or views I received. I keep my time occupied, by either hanging out with my family, or sleeping. I only watch TV for a few hours, and the only time I really use my phone and check it is if I am having a conversation with someone.

Part 2.

After taking this course, my beliefs of what Media Literacy actually is, has broadened, but the overall concept has stayed consistent. I believe it is how you use the media and social outlets. Understanding how you use things, rather it be to your advantage or disadvantage. I still believe that it has to do with how you consume, and comprehend the information. Also if you are able to form your own beliefs, or just believe what you have heard, or seen on social media.

In this course I have learned to think for myself. Also almost everything we see on the Media has been manipulated to a certain extent. I have learned that something’s have “doublethink” or double meaning. You just have to pay closer attention to detail and know what you are looking for. Overall, what I am going to take away from this class is my ability to dissect information and use it to my advantage.

This class requires you to think more than other classes. It is not informational like other Language Arts classes that teaches you how to make correct sentences. It’s more about comprehension, than learning new things. It allows you’re to get a greater understanding and meaning of things that you see and read.

I feel like to make this class a little better is to help kids separately that do not get it. Although I personally feel like the class is not challenging at all, it’s just a matter of interest. Other than that, I feel like the class is great.