September 2015 News Update

Using Loyalty Dollars and Specials of the Month

How To Successfully Use Your Loyalty Dollars

Good Morning,

Over the 4 years I have been with Melaleuca I have earned $639 in loyalty dollars to spend anyway I want on anything I'd like each month after I put in my order. I currently have $8 to spend or I can let it grow and spend it later.

So be sure and earn your loyalty $100 in your first 4 months and then spend them on anything you like after you've made your monthly order. I believe there are a total of 14 short videos to listen to, all about 2 to 3 minutes long.

How to use your Loyalty Shopping Dollars

To purchase an item with Loyalty Shopping Dollars, simply place the item in your shopping cart and click the checkbox next to "Purchase with Loyalty Shopping Dollars." The points and price of those items will then be removed from your shopping cart. Remember, you must meet your monthly product point commitment in order to check out with your Loyalty Shopping Dollar purchases.

Most Melaleuca products can be purchased with Loyalty Shopping Dollars. Loyalty Shopping Dollars are not earned on Backup or Select Pack Orders.

Hope September is filled with love and happiness for all of you,

Mary Ann

Would Love To Hear From You On Your Favorite Products

Please send me a paragraph or so on your favorite products from Melaleuca, I would love to know which are your favorites.
I have a blog on Facebook and with your permission I'd like to tell others what are some of my people's favorite products. I will not use your full name, well if it's ok use your first on my blog with your story. Please send to my email.
Also thank you to all of you for being such a big part of my life and loving Melaleuca.
Mary Ann