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MMS Media & Tech Team (Felicia Davis, Allison Long, Elizabeth Stapleton, Amy Wilson)

Mrs. Kim McDonald

Kim serves as a great example to our students and staff. Here are some of the "KIND" words shared about Kim. From Amanda Sarver: "Kim is a great teacher because she takes the time to get to know the students whether they are in her classes or not. She will go out of her way to help a student or talk to a student about an issue and give advice. She works hard to create diverse class activities to make biotechnology interesting for the students and relevant to their lives." Cindy McKenzie simple states that She is a person who truly loves what she does. Dr. Tulbert shared "When Kim started at MMS, she was the third teacher in the classroom in about 8 weeks. Since she won our hearts in her interview, she continuously strives to do her very best in the classroom, study best practices, create engaging lessons that truly differentiate, and build intentional relationships with students. We also appreciate her leadership as a cheerleading and track coach. We are incredibly thankful for Kim!"

Mrs. Betty Wilson

Mrs. Betty shows MMS kindness just by her willingness and work ethic each day. Some of the "KIND" words shared about her are below.

Allison Field: Mrs. Betty is here before the sun comes up and leaves after the building has emptied in the afternoons. She is one of the hardest working people I've ever known and her work is certainly appreciated. Not only does she care about the quality of her work, she cares about us, our families, and our well-being. Truly one of a kind! Thanks for all you do, Mrs. Betty!

Angie Ketchie: She is one of the hardest working staff members we have at MMS. The Catamount team is very lucky to have her taking care of us on the 300 hall and we LOVE her contagious spirit! Mrs. Betty ROCKS!

Jordan Foushee: I always see Mrs. Betty with a smile and a positive attitude. She does her job well and never complains. When we talk, I know she genuinely cares.

J.D. Haglan: Ms. Betty is awesome! She is always willing to help and ALWAYS goes beyond the call of duty to make sure all of our needs are met. After our recent awards ceremony, one of our tables was still in the hallway. Shortly after the ceremony Ms. Betty came to my office and asked what room to take this table. I looked at her and asked, "Who helped you with this table?" She smiled and said, "No one!" What you have to understand is this table may be the heaviest table in this building. She was just going about her business doing what she always does, getting the job done without complaint. Ms. Betty brightens everyone's day with that beautiful smile and cheerful voice. I am so thankful she is here as she makes a difference at MMS! We are so blessed that Ms. Betty is a part of our lives. Congratulations, Ms. Betty!!! This is well-deserved!!!

Brenda Leazer: Ms. Betty is very helpful - a JOY to work with!!

Kathi Johnson: Ms. Betty is a very kind, sweet person. She always takes time to stop and ask how I am and how my family is. Ms. Betty does an amazing job and is always there to help out. You will always see her smiling, MS. BETTY THANK YOU !!!!!!

Tech Tip

As public school teachers, we do not get an opportunity to hand pick who we teach. That element makes public school a great adventure and a great challenge. The Kindness School is a short video of a community school that bases its curriculum on the act of kindness. Even our most behavior challenged students deserve kindness in their is sometimes the place they experience kindness the most. Is there something you can take away from this story and use with your students?

Excerpt from

Eight Steps Toward a Kinder World

As a new teacher to the classroom, or as an experienced one, you're going to encounter potentially volatile situations between students on any given day. That said, you should be prepared to work through it with your students, prepared to support the teaching of kindness which, for many students, will be just as important as any other content area you teach them.

Let's look at a few ways we can support teaching kindness:

Take part in the Random Acts of Kindness Week.

Immerse yourself daily in modeling the teaching of kindness in your classroom and school site.

Find resources for your students that can promote the work of kindness in their lives at school.

Get students involved in creating lessons on the subject and incorporate journal writing, video production and podcasting in delivering the "kindness" lesson.

Check out what indie film makers Lauren Parsekian and Molly Thompson are doing to take the mission of kindness to schools across the U.S. with "Finding Kind".

Do everything you can to be a warrior of kindness with your students!

What are you doing to teach kindness? What strategies do you have in place to de-escalate the issues when they hit? How will you protect the students in your care from gossip or bullying? What do you still need help with?

MMS Media Tips: The CAVE

The MMS Media Center will kick of the new school year (2015-16) with a new name. The CAVE (The Collaborative Active Vital Experience) will be the place to be so make plans now to be a part of it next year!

If you haven't already come by and checked out students enjoying the new set up in the Media Center please do because I think they really like it! Science and Language Arts will be using it before EOG's but looking forward to the interactive collaborative stations we will have next year with apple tvs. Get on the calendar early next year! If you have any ideas or questions please drop by and lets get started now planning some great activities in The CAVE.

Many students are also probably beginning to tell you that they are using the recording studio for their projects. I think they really love it and the props we have added. If you have anything that could be used as a prop for the room please bring it by before you throw it away! We had some students use an old phone and add the sound of a phone ringing to their video - It was great!

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From the Help Desk

Cleaning Up a Cluttered Desktop

As you are "REFRESHing" you should clean up that cluttered desktop!! You can easily group files into new folders very quickly. Here's how:

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Then just re-name that folder!!! TaDa!!!

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From Cuz's Desk

Why did the circulation desk move forward 6 inches? Ask Us!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Batman and Robin knows that real superheros don't wear capes.... They Teach! We Love MMS teachers and all you do for our students.
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