Dear JCL Beauty Salon

My name is Jessica i was taking a shower and i cut myself shaving and it keeps on bleeding so i need help to stop the bleeding can u help me

Dear Jessica

5 easy ways to stop bleeding is

1: deodorant- most antiperspirants conatins aluminum chloride that can, in addition to shrinking sweat glands, contrict blood vessels and clot a nicks

2: lip balm-smearing on a little chapstick of vaseline works like a seal-plus it'll keep bigger cuts from forming unsightsly scabs

3: ice cubes- like swimming pools and your package the cold shrinks blood vessels, enableing a clot to form fast

4: mouthwash- the alcohol in solutions like listerine acts as an astringent, which halts blood flow by causing tissue to contract

5: eye drops- red eye relievers like visine work simsilarly on cuts: they slow down bleediing by consticting blood vessels