Daniel basnight

The tone in which she spoke to me

Single file! Get off the docks. Let’s go, move it! one of the Grods yells. I fall in line behind Benja, and we march down to the end of the docks. There are Grods standing there with scanning devices in their hands. They are shoving them in between our shoulder blades.

They are scanning to get a reading for which Elite camp we have been sold to. They must have already programmed the information into our trackers. Benja goes just before me. The Grod barks, Silon Elite. Go to Port 2.

He jams the device in my back to read my tracker and yells, Ridian Elite. Go to Port 4. There are several breezeways with the corresponding numbers inscribed onto the overhangs. I head towards the 4 with Nayze following behind me. I quickly look to my left to see Yency and Benja heading towards 2.

I am glad we took the time last night to say goodbye because it seems as if this will be the last time we see each other. Possibly for the rest of our lives. We give each other nods of encouragement before we enter our designated ports. As Nayze and I cross the sill of Port 4, we are immediately roughly scanned again by a Grod to confirm we are in the right location. Directly in front of us is a hovercraft.

But I don’t think it belongs to Grodar because I do not spot their seal. Then, I make out the words at the top of the tail, wenatcheefollies RIDIAN 001. This is one of Ridian’s hovercrafts. The pewter ship is gigantic, several stories high at least. The massive engines are attached to the sides of the ship with the thrusters directed towards the ground to allow for vertical take offs and landings.

A man and woman dressed in identical blue jumpsuits wenatcheefollies immediately escort us onto the ship. There are three Tokens already waiting on the ship. The hatch clicks shut behind us. I guess this is it. So there were five of us purchased by Ridian.

I recognize them. Rogan, Cydnee, and Butler. Rogan and Butler could be brothers. They have wenatcheefollies the same brown cropped hair with short and stocky builds. Cydnee is probably the tallest Token from Island 3.

A woman who has been towering over me for as long wenatcheefollies as I can remember, but despite her lofty height, she has always been one of the kindest and most caring individuals I have ever met. If anyone wenatcheefollies can sympathize with me, it is Cydnee.

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