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9th Grade Orientation

Orientation started on Tuesday the 3rd. Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Florea's classes came in to hear all about the library and to check out books for SSR and for themselves. Most classes "enjoyed" a brief musical interlude that reminded them all about libraries and librarians. You could see some students tapping their feet to the "Ode to Librarians" rap, though some seemed to be totally embarrassed for me. Afterwards some used Destiny to find books while others wandered around the stacks getting suggestions from friends, their teacher or me. After they checked out they all had practice getting onto Destiny and taking an online survey about their feelings towards books and libraries. Be on the look out for some infographics showing the results of the survey.

Upperclassmen SSR Checkout Continues

Will we run out of books?

SSR checkout began Friday August the 30th, continued last week and are continuing this week. At times we had two classes at the same time. Mrs. Badgley was able to efficiently check out the majority of those students as I was busy talking up books and making recommendation. We have seen students from the following classes, Mr. Benincasa, Mr. Modleski, Ms. Jeffers, Mrs. .. This week we have Mrs. Campbell, Mrs.... coming in to get their books. Our fiction section is starting to looked picked over. I guess I'll have to work on getting the boxes of new books catalogued and ready to go this week.

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