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December 2020 Newsletter

Meet the ESC Region 11 Federal Programs Team

Gretchen Kroos - Coordinator, Federal Programs Team

Gretchen Kroos


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My name is Gretchen Kroos and I am Coordinator of the Federal Programs Department at ESC Region 11. I am happy to introduce you to our first monthly newsletter featuring all ESSA federal programs. Our goal is to provide you with timely information and updates. We will also continue to provide information through our listservs and other program-specific communications.

We received a lot of great input during our last Federal Program Directors’ Meeting and are open to other suggestions as we embark on this journey. Please feel free to let us know if you have ideas and/or comments. We value your input and want this to be helpful for you.

Deadlines & Resources

Federal Programs Home Page

Title III

Melanie Yocom, ESSA Team Lead

Melanie Yocom


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Welcome to ESC Region 11 English Learner Support. My name is
Melanie Yocom and I have had the opportunity to serve English

Learners and educators for 23 years. My goal for the Title III section

of this resource is to provide monthly reminders and tools to support

your work in federal programs. If you would like to learn more about

supporting your English learners in both compliance and instruction,

visit our ESC Region 11 webpage. Click here to join our newsletters

for EL compliance, bilingual education, and ESL.

Deadlines & Resources

Title III Home Page

Title I, Title II, Title IV, McKinney-Vento, and Foster Care

Christie Miller

Christie Miller


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My name is Christie Miller, and I am the newest member of the Federal Programs team here at ESC Region 11. I have been blessed to have a broad range of experience in both education and private industry. My education experience includes a number of roles, including teaching elementary school, managing federal programs at the district level, and managing district budgets and finances. I look forward to getting to know each of you and your LEA better in the coming months!

Deadlines & Resources

Title I for Campus Administrators Training:

2/17/2021 9:00 a.m. - Noon -- Comprehensive Needs Assessment

2/24/2021 9:00 a.m. - Noon -- Campus Improvement Plan

3/03/2021 9:00 a.m. - Noon -- Parent & Family Engagement

Updated Grant Award Amounts Available:

ESSA Consolidated Grant Application Final Allocation

Title I, 1003 School Improvement Carryover Available

*LEA must submit an amendment in eGrants to budget the additional funds. Once the amendment is started, the final amounts will be reflected on the Program Budget Summary and Support Schedule.

2021 ACET and NAFEPA Scholarships

Free and Reduced Lunch Video for Educators

Free and Reduced Lunch Video for Parents (English & Spanish)

Statewide Parent & Family Engagement Initiative Resources

Texas Education for Homeless Children & Youth Resources

Foster Care Resources

Title I, Part C - Migrant Education Program (MEP)

Our team for Title I, Part C, Migrant includes Keilah Villarreal and Michelle Perez. We both serve the ESC Region 11 LEAs and their migratory students and families who work temporarily in industries that support food production. Families with students enrolled in the MEP qualify because they are highly mobile and economically disadvantaged. The MEP is a supplemental program to the school district services. We offer coordination of services, direct services, and family engagement. We are here to serve you and can be contacted via our email or phone.

Deadlines & Resources

  • 1st-semester transcript requests will be requested in late January. We will need transcripts for everyone who received high school credits in Fall 2020.
  • Please continue to send in your monthly Student Progress Review for any enrolled student on the most current Unique Student Count.

  • To continue to identify migratory students, please consider sending this video out to all district staff. Here is a copy-and-paste blurb for you:
    • Did you know that migratory students live all over our local area? Please watch this video to learn insights about the migratory lifestyle. If you hear a student talk about working in the fields or moving around for temporary jobs, please contact 817-740-7598 with student information.
  • If anyone in your district is looking to learn more about the MEP, please share the link for this free informative course.

ESC Region 11 Private Non-Profit Cooperatives

Corya Campbell

Corya Campbell


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I am Corya Campbell, and I serve as the Private Non-Profit (PNP) Liaison

for ESC Region 11 PNP Cooperatives. Our Cooperatives are for the ESSA

Programs (I, II, III and IV). Currently, we are working for five districts, which

include Arlington, Birdville, Fort Worth, Kennedale, and Lewisville ISDs. Within

those ISDs, there are 48 participating private schools. We act as the

liaison in representing those LEAs with their PNPs.

Gretchen Kroos is also available to support all LEAs with information on

PNP Equitable Services regarding ESSA and ESSER Grants.

Deadlines & Resources

PNP Home Page

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