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Walker Career Center weekly update - May 8, 2020


Congratulations to Mr. Josh Law on being named the Walker Career Center Teacher of the Year! Josh is a vital part to the school community at Walker Career Center and Warren Central High School as the leader of our Computer Science program, Coach for the WCHS eLearning team, Coach for the lady Cyber Warriors team, and also gets to wear the hat of unofficial Tech Support for several of our platforms in the building! Josh's level of commitment and compassion towards the entire school community is obvious as we continue to watch his numbers grow in all of his courses and teams. And for those of you that are Walker Talker regulars, you are well aware that Josh and/or his Computer Science program or teams find their way into several of the newsletters for Regional, State, and/or National recognition (see below for yet another example). Congratulations on this amazing accomplishment Josh, we look forward to seeing you on stage for opening day!


Congratulations to Ms. Katie Prevost on being named Support Staff of the Year for Walker Career Center! Katie is our Data and Dual Credit Coordinator and is a lifeline for all of our dual-credit courses and CTE reporting at Walker Career Center. Katie has set the bar for her position across the state and her work is continuously used as the example when the universities are working with other career centers. In addition to working with our dual credit courses Katie is also working closely with high school counselors to determine which students are eligible for Graduation Pathways, Industry Certifications, and/or Technical Honor Diplomas! Congratulations on this amazing accomplishment Katie, we look forward to seeing you on stage for yourself this year, and not just as a member of the Dave Prevost entourage!
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The Lady CyberWarriors are heading to Nationals... Virtually

The Lady CyberWarriors are heading to Nationals to compete in the Girls Go CyberStart National competition in cybersecurity. The competition takes individuals through many cybersecurity exercises and points are awarded on how well they complete the activities. During the competition, the CyberWarriors work together as a team, made up of 4 girls, to complete the activities and the teams with the highest points at the end were able to move on to the National competition. Congratulations to the Cyber Warriors, we look forward to watching all of your success at Nationals on May 20th and 21st!

Members of the CyberWarriors team: Sarah Sexton*, Erika Loud*, Toni Roton*, Hailey Ritchie*, Ruby Barrera, Kyla Anderson, Gracie Taylor, Dajanae Brangman. *denotes those on the Nationals team.

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Culinary Arts finds ways to stay interactive through KP Compass

Chef Yount continues to amaze as she finds new ways to connect her students to meaningful content as she prepares her future Chefs! Here is a quick write-up of what she is doing with a new program that she was able to discover during these challenging times. "KP Compass has been an amazing resource for our culinary arts program during the Covid-19 closure. I was a little worried on how to take a class that was primarily a hands-on course to all digital. KP Compass has delivered a complete online learning tool for our students. It has modules set up for each chapter with a focus on a specific unit. The past two weeks our students have focused on the history side of the culinary industry. Each module is broken down into small pieces of text and review questions. At the end of each module, students are able to earn badges of mastery by earning red, yellow, or green. The higher the mastery, the higher the points. As a teacher, I am able to see the progress of each student, and exactly where they may need help in a particular section. KP has allowed me to provide meaningful content for our students that will allow them to continue to grow their skills for next year. A huge thank you to KP Compass for allowing schools to use this platform for free during this unusual time." Impressive work as always Chef!

To see some of Chef Yount's Senior senior shout outs, make sure you check out her Twitter page.

Digital Goats are saying good bye to some impressive seniors

The Digital Goats were only able to compete in one competition this year as their season was forced to shutdown due to the Covid-19 restrictions. As a result, these seniors were unable to showcase all of their countless hours in building C-3P-Goat on what we were sure was going to be a legendary Robot. This years senior class has set the bar extremely high for all of the individuals behind them. I am confident their leadership and work habits were able to be passed on to the younger members of the Digital Goats. Thank you to our seniors, for all of your hard work and commitment to so many programs at Walker Career Center!


Keegan Aksamit -- Carpenter Union and becoming a millwright

Ashton Wasson -- going to University of Cincinnati to get a degree in Mechanical Engineering

Tejas Patel -- Pursue a Engineering related degree at Purdue University West Lafayette

Knight Wolff --studying Manufacturing Engineering with a focus in Automation and Control at Arizona State University

Trebez Brown --going to Trine University for chemical engineering.

Call and Learn Initiative

Indiana is excited to announce the launch of a Call-and-Learn Hotline for students to use Monday through Friday, 1-5 p.m., that will be operated by members of the Indiana Retired Teachers Association (IRTA). The IRTA will be providing academic assistance to all students free of charge. The flyers are for your distribution as you deem necessary. This is a great opportunity for students and parents to have access to additional academic support during the final weeks of the school year.
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