Island of Nature

Cool magical birds and animals that you can touch

What's inside the park

Magical Phoenix's and birds. There are even Dragons, Fairy's, Unicorns, Elf's, Which the kids can ride with a form signed by the parents but there are bigger animals for the bigger kids and adults like Ogres, Trolls, Stone Giants, Giants, Hob Goblins, Goblins, and even rides that you go 80 miles an hour While Seeing all those monsters and animals.

Open every friday through saturday

this is due to the containment problems.
It is open on every holiday with special encounters and rides that relate to the holiday.

There is a gentle giants section that is opening this fall for kids to enjoy some friendly giants and the like.

lots of security and containment staff but just realize you are safe from that big and ugly ogre that you just passed

you will enjoy your stays at the volcanic hotel and swim with the enchanting naiads and go and sit next to the trees full of wood sprites.

Frequently asked questions

we have always been asked, "How can you take care of this whole park without an deaths?" We always answer, "Have you watched Jurassic park, we always have containment problems but we know how to handle them unlike the Dino's from Jurassic park."

This is a fake park I am doing for a School assignment