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Prickly Pear Cactus:It is found in the Sonora Desert. It is located 25*3 to 33* north and 105* to 118* west. It grows up to seven ft. It will be 75 inc thick. Chain Fruit Calla. It is spiny branch. It is found in elevations up to 4,000 ft. That is above sea level. It is a scrubby cacti. Their is a pear shaped fruit on it. The true long is 1.5 it lives in chinaware desert. Triangle Leaf Bursage: It lives in the Baja California mexico. It can grow upper and lower areas Bajadas. It grows at attitudes of 1,000 to 3,000 on open surface


The countries in the desert are Chihulahuan , Sonoran , Mojave , Great Basin.

gila monster

The banded Gila monster is very shy but can strike back very quickly, with painful results.It's a subspecies of the Gila monster, and is one of the two venomous types of lizard in the world.

Desert tortise

They can be found in the Mojave and Sonora desert of south Carolina the desert tortoise is a land dwelling turtle belonging to the testudinidae family.The desert tortoise is also known as the gopher tortoise because it belongs to one of 4 species of the gopher-us genus.

Thorny devil

The strangest of lizard is the thorny devil. This is the only species in it's genus the lizard body has conical spines all over , including spines above each eye and hump behind it's head which is spiny. The tail is also spiny. It's spines make it easy to identify.The color on the thorny devils body from yellow reddish brown to black,depending on which type of soil it is cross


* Low rainfall less than 1.5 cm every year

* It doesn't snow

* 20-25 43-49 18 C

* Warm trough out the seasons, very hot summer, little rainfall in winter.