Southern Hoots April Newsletter

Erica Southerland, Team Leader


Ladies!! March was a killer month and you all far exceeded my goals I had set for our team!! I was on pins and needles throughout the last day just checking everyone numbers and people sending me updates, it was truly AWESOME!! I can't wait to see what the rest of this month has to offer for us all!! And this month should be very rewarding for everyone since we no longer as of Tuesday have to pay for hostess rewards out of our pockets and wait to get them back!! We have a new Hostess Program that I am super pumped about and every single Hostess should too!! To me its way better than what we have to offer currently!! Get your shows on the book for the rest of the month and help make this month rock again!! Congratulations to you all!!

Mother's Day is May 12th!

Welcome March Owls

3/14 Anitra Little

3/14 Rebecca Snyder

3/22 Heather Harrell

{DIW Waves}

On April 16th we’ll be releasing the next wave of Designers in Waiting (DIWs) which includes 1,000 new Designers! We can’t wait to welcome them to the O2 family.

If you have DIWs who have received their enrollment links, they can call or email Designer Care at to finalize their enrollment!

Team Promotions!

This month Alex Coup was promoted to Leading Designer! To get to this promotion all she had to do was have PV of $250, 1 Personally Sponsored Active Designer and a CTV of $500!! Great Job Alex!

Back Office Changes

Make sure you check your back office daily there are always new and exciting changes the Nest gives us to check out!! Especially with next weeks changes we want to make sure we are on top of it and help each other out!!

  • New Designer Section in Resources-This is a great place to send all new Owls so they are getting the right information and its their one stop shop to get it right!
  • Party Tab-As of next Tuesday we will have to start using the party tab, from what we are understanding it will be better and easier to use!! This also means if we want to purchase for ourselves we must create a customer account, Im sure it will all be explained to us in training videos.
  • New Hostess Program-This is very exciting!! However if you have not hit $250 by April 15th and you are very close I would do so so you can get your $25 in Hoot Loot!! Don't miss out on free money :) There is training videos and powerpoint presentations in the back office currently for this, make sure you check it out!!
  • New Shipping Prices- We will have new shipping rates make sure you check that out in the back office too!! They will start at $4.95 from what I can tell and then go up!!
  • New Materials-We will have new catalogs and order forms available next week to purchase! The price of the books has gone up to 25 for $12 now!! You can still hand out your Fall catalogs and use the old order forms if you would like, just make sure your customers know the order forms are invalid on the bottom for shipping unless you personally offer discount shipping!

Updated Inventory Availability!

This is huge guys!! Orders are very time sensitive and must be places within 2 days of your show!! Always make sure when you are at a show you can have this pulled up in the back office, it is crucial to your business and to make sure you are selling product that is available!! There is currently an overload on sales of certain items for Mother's Day and we all know this so with that being said if you receive a card in your orders that say items are on back order reassure your customer of when those items will be available to them. Do not let them wonder!! A customer today is a customer for life if treated with great respect!! This is very important in direct sales!! The Nest has been awesome at updating inventory daily for us, we should all make a habit of looking at it every chance we have to make a sale!!

Sneak Peak very soon!!

Rascal Flatts Tag Collection and Contest

The sales of the Change Tag has been extended through the end of the April!! The Contest Rules are in the Back Office check them out!! Its double the points now for every tag sold!!

Policies and Procedures Reminders

{Greek Letter Charm Etiquette Reminder}

Just a friendly reminder, that when developing sample Living Lockets® for display and promotional materials, you may only use a single Greek Letter in your Locket. Customers may purchase Greek Letters in any combination they choose.

To create and display fraternity and sorority themed Living Lockets, a third-party license from the Intra-fraternity Council of the National PanHellenic Council is required. This license is also required for any marketing or promotional materials.

{What not to pair: Origami Owl and brand logos}

We think Origami Owl jewelry looks great paired with virtually everything, but when it comes to photos depicting other brands, Origami Owl just doesn’t mix. When photographing your custom creations, please remember that Origami Owl jewelry can’t be included with other major brands logos or likeness; such as Harley Davidson®, Disney® and Coach®.

Please be aware that the use of brand logos without prior consent of its owner is not compliant with Trademark Law. If you have been using these logos, or know someone who is, please remove your photos from public view and advise others to as well.

Trading/Swapping Inventory

Per the P&P's

Independent† Designers may not exchange, trade, barter, share, gamble, raffle or sell from one Independent† Designer to another Independent† Designer any product, including, but not limited to, jewelry, marketing material or packaging of Origami Owl. It is also against policy to combine orders with another Independent† Designer, order under another Independent† Designer’s ID number† or “swap” product with other Independent† Designers. These types of activities are also not permitted between and among Independent† Designers and customers. Reasons include, but are not limited to, maintaining product quality control, product recalls/returns, fairness in commission payments, appropriate tax reconciliation and reporting and accuracy of accumulated credits, if applicable.

Note: Origami Owl understands there may be extreme circumstances where the above does not apply ( last minute party supply materials).

I know that there have been times where we have done this on our team, but I am going to suggest and strongly urge we do not do this anymore. I do not want any of us to get in trouble and be called out by Michele! This is another reason why it is so important to check your back office for Product Availability!!

From Michele Bradley on Facebook Groups!!!

Michele BradleyTeam SWIFT


I have a director's call on Tuesday regarding a new set of guidelines from the nest to designers. This will DRASTICALLY change the way this group is run and all groups on FB that have to do with O2.

Here are a just a FEW guidelines that will be put into place:

1. Facebook Groups must be overseen by Directors.

Directors are encouraged to ask for support from Executive Team Leaders (ETLs) and emerging Leaders on their team to maintain the group.

2. Keep the conversation positive at all times.

3. Marketing and Training materials from the Back Office are not to be reposted.

4. You may not promote or suggest any product other than those offered by Origami Owl.

5. Links to outside sources are not permitted.

6. We have a “no grumpies” policy in this group. Our sole purpose is to motivate and inspire one another.

7. Before asking a question, please take the time to explore or your Back Office before asking a question.

a. To see if your question has already been answered, click on the magnifying glass at the top of the page and search for the keywords in your question.

There are a TON of other guidelines, but I will be waiting for some clarification from the nest on Tuesday. I will start removing any violations we have and go from there. If you have questions, let me know.

March PV + 1 Team Member Contest

In the middle of March I sent out an email that said we will have a drawing of a Medium Rose Gold Locket if you hit $250 PV plus also if the person drawn had 1 Team Member under them they would get a Rose Gold Ball Station Chain too!

Alyssa, my daughter, was the one to draw the name out of the cup this morning and the winner is............Alex Coup!! I will be ordering that soon and will ship it to you or give it to you in person!!

Origami Owl Chain of Command

Please try to follow this as much as you can! I know there are times where we can't always be reached so if that is the case get ahold of the next person up the line. Start with me for all questions and answers and it will make getting a response quicker!!

  1. Erica Southerland, Mentor, Team Leader
  2. Linda Williams, Team Leader
  3. Katie Blackmore, Senior Team Leader
  4. Michele Bradley, Director

Thank you everyone for making this a team effort so that we can all be more successful in our business!!


Create a schedule for you and your business that allows you to work and grow but also work and grow in your home. Here is my availability schedule to reach me for anything you might need. If I am not available and it can wait until the next day write down your questions and email me I will answer them first thing the next morning. If it is something urgent send me a text and give me up to 30 min to respond, if no response send another text. I will respond I promise! Thank you all in advance for helping me to spend time with my family as I will do the same for you!!

  • Sunday: Off all day
  • Monday: 8am-8pm
  • Tuesday: 8am-8pm
  • Wednesday: 8am-3pm
  • Thursday: 8am-8pm
  • Friday: 8am-8pm
  • Saturday: 10am-5pm

Erica Southerland, Team Leader

You have received this email because you are apart of my team, if you wold like to be removed from further emails please let me know!