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June 2019-- End of School Year edition

In this newsletter:

  • A "digital citizenship for grown ups"--dealing with spam
  • A heads up re: passwords and H: Drive file saving
  • Preparing student devices for next year
  • A Quick Google Form for everyone with student devices
  • August Tech Training Schedule


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Spam Emails can be annoying!

Every day--- deleting the junk mail! Or worse, letting it sit there and fill up your inbox! UGH!

No more! When you get those unsolicited email, Google wants to help you out by giving you a spam button! So let it! Because listen, it is easy for businesses to get email addresses and send you stuff. It isn't personal, you haven't been hacked-- you are a public employee; it's going to happen. But it's no big deal. Follow these three steps to mark email as spam and it will stop coming to your inbox. Check out the screenshot below to see what to look for.

  1. Check the box next to the email (you can mark more than one at a time, get them all at once)
  2. Click the stop sign SPAM icon in the top menu bar
  3. Choose REPORT SPAM in the popup (and unsubscribe if you want to)

Done, done and done! Make this a habit instead of deleting or ignoring.

Want to know something? I send emails I want to spam also. Like Lakeshore-- if I want to know about a sale, I check my spam. Or Newsela-- if I want to know recent articles, I check my spam. Because just like the deleted trash emails, spam stays in the spam label for 30 days before Google deletes them automatically.

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Heads Up... Password news!

Want to know a good security idea? Change your password regularly! You know how Q makes you change your password every few months? That is because it is a good practice to help keep data safe. You know how when you think your facebook has been hacked, you are advised to change your password? That is because it is a good practice to help keep data safe.

So, you know how we started a new program last year to change your district password? That's because... you get the idea. Here is what will be new next year: you will need to reset your password at least once a year. Don't be surprised when you come back in August and we ask you to reset your password. Teachers-- make a note in your new plan book to reset it when you return to your classroom. August password reset will become the new normal routine. Start fresh with a new school year.

Bottom line: You will need to reset your password in August. You can reset it any time you want-- if you think someone else knows it, or you have forgotten it, or if you just embrace change with enthusiasm

(Don't remember how to do it? District webpage--- menu--- reset my password . You only enroll once, then you can reset any time you want. Or click the blue button below for a google doc that will remind you of the steps)

How to Reset Your Password

Click this button to open a Google Doc that explains all the steps to reset your password.


Heads Up... H: Drive news!

Do you save your work files on your network H: Drive? (this is the network drive with your user name) All these files will be automatically moved to your Google Drive over the summer.

You will have "view only" access to your H: Drive for the next year, but won't be editing or saving files there anymore. That is what your Google Drive will be for.

Something to do in June (maybe that day after school is out)--- take a look at your H: Drive if you use it and clean out some of the files you don't need. For me, it was years worth of sub plans and parent letters. Save a template and let them go.

Here's another idea: Maybe you have files on your H: Drive that you don't use, but don't want to lose. Consider putting them on a flash drive then deleting them from your network H: Drive. That way, you won't have the unused files cluttering up your Google Drive, but you will be able to access them from the flash drive if it turns out you need them.

Note: if that Google Drive view feels unfamiliar and you want a view that looks more like windows, just put in a support ticket saying "Please install File Stream on my computer." File Stream will let you navigate your Google Drive files with a Windows type view. You just might already have it, and someone will come by and show you how to use it.


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Yes! June is here!

So let's start (start?) thinking about the end of the year! What can you have your students do to prepare their accounts and your devices for the fall?

There are a few things before you shut them all the way down (iPad- hard button on the top, cb- button in the bottom left after signing out) and lock the cart for summer.

Some quick tips to be aware of...

  • leave the cart in an accessible place in your classroom, labeled with your name and room number so our techs can do summer maintenance, if needed
  • DO NOT MOVE printers, phones, or desktop computers. They must stay in the same classroom unless specific permission from the tech department has been given.
  • If you disconnect your teacher station (computer, doc cam, phone etc) and lock it in a cupboard, it will be secure, yes, but the tech guys will not have any way to get things connected again. Mark it to reconnect your self (some ideas in this video) or expect the busy schedule of the fall to take some time to get things hooked up again.


If you use Google Docs/Slides/Drive (and I hope you do) there are couple tips:

  1. NAME OR DELETE UNTITLED FILES--- Have students open Drive (the app on iPads, or on chromebooks) and search for "untitled." They can either name or delete all the files they didn't name originally.
  2. MOVE FILES OUT OF MY DRIVE into folders-- Have students create a folder for this school year, if they don't already have one from Google Classroom (My Drive--- Classroom--- name of your GClassroom)
  3. Show them how to drag or move all files from this year to that folder. This will clean up their Google Drive for next year. (not sure how? I'd love to come walk your class through it and show you at the same time)

iPad people--- there are a couple more things that will make your life easier

Removing accounts, signing out of Google, and here is a big one---- CLEAR THE SAFARI HISTORY IN THE SETTINGS APP-- will make sure you don't have ghosts of past students when you guide your kiddos next year.

Check out this doc for steps and let me know if you need help. Click that blue button right below.

Summer 2019 Student iPad Refresh Protocols

Click this blue button to see the Google Doc of info about cleaning up your student iPads for next year.


ALL TEACHERS-- Let's Wrap it up and get ready for 2019-20

Please take a minute to complete this form so the tech dept can do our part to make sure your devices are all ready for next year! (You only need to do this once. Your principal may have already emailed it to you.)
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Hey, Liz, will there be tech trainings before school starts?

You know it, buddy!!

Here are a few ideas I'm tossing around for the week before school starts--- compete the form to let me know what you are interested in and I'll email specifics and sign ups in a couple weeks, and again in early August.


YES! We want YOU at Edcamp Hueneme

Edcamp Hueneme. You want to come. We are hoping for our biggest year ever!

Pancakes, learning, conversations, sunshine, raffles, getting to know each other better... we love Edcamp Hueneme!

Save the Date! Saturday September 21 from 8ish to 12ish

Because we really want you to be part of it!

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Hey, Hueneme family, the tech department wants to say happy end of the 2018-19 school year!

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