Ryan Kerr

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Airfare Cost and Schedule

My Flight to Dubai, UAE and it will cost $63315 for 2 people in first class with two stops the first stop is in Chicago,Illinois and the other stop is In London, United Kingdom. and then there is 150$ worth of food because its a 26 hour flight.


Hotel Jumeirah Royal Residences

I Will be staying in the Jumeirah Royal Residences and it will cost $6262 nightly to stay there (which in the end will cost $56358) and With a stay at Jumeirah Royal Residences in Dubai (Palm Jumeirah), you'll be close to Dubai Marina Mall and Aquaventure. This 5-star apartment is within close proximity of The Emirates Golf Club and the Dubai College. This Place I will be staying has amazing rooms and each room comes complete with Free internet and wifi and air conditioning also has playground and a fitness center has storage a Restaurant and child watching staff and A Beautiful Pool


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  1. Swimming in the beautiful hotel pool is going to be a huge part of my vacation
  2. I will also be going on a helicopter tour which will be $220 which isn't that much so were going to do that and after we land we will go to the palm shaped island
  3. But for the most part we will stay in the hotel and the pool and we will be eating in the beautiful restaurants

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

One problem is going to be losing my wallet or getting it stolen or leaving things in the hotel room when i leave one thing i can do is get a chain wallet and before i leave take inventory of what i have in my suitcases


I can't wait for my trip to Dubai because there it will be hot and it will be great to get out of Colorado its been so cold. and there the pools will be open and with those open swimming is always a choice if its to hot for me. After the part where i go big shopping I will have much more stuff which is going to be hard to get through customs I'm going to need new suit cases.

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