Steamboats incredible history

By : Hannah Kuntz

History And effects in North Dakota

  • History

The first idea of the steamboat was from the inventor John Fitch but after his death in 1789 Robert Fulton added onto it making the first successful moving steamboat in 1801. Robert Fulton and his partner Robert Livingston build Clermont this creation started in Albany ,New York in 1806. At this time this idea seemed impossible so people called it the "Fulton's Folly" but this was proved wrong on August 17 1807.

Disadvantages and advantages of the steamboat


  • The steamboats cut travel time in half,
  • go up and down stream,
  • people did not have to walk miles to get to a destination,
  • increased the trading system,only went 5 miles an hour at first but it was still a wondrous thing to be accomplish,


  • The steamboat at this time where made out of wood because of this the wood soaked up the water and usually sank the boat,
  • the steamboat was not the best for the environment cause of the big uses of coal,
  • the steam engine would build up to much pressure causing it to explode the boat,
  • because of the explotions many people died

About the inventor

Even though John Fitch had the idea of the steamboat Robert Fulton made the first working steamboat.This steamboat was known as the clermont ,Fulton also made the first submarine giving the people the advantage to see a new world of animals and plants
Robert Fulton Invents the Steamboat

The impact on North Dakota

The steamboat had North Dakota excelling in many ways for examples there was trading, Transportation and population,because of this population boom the economy had to expand in homing and land