By Olivia and Zoe

Circular and straight line motion

In physics, circular motion is a movement of an object along the circumference of a circle or rotation along a circular path. So when the patriot goes upside down it is on a circular path.Straight line motion is a motion along a straight line. So when the patriot first starts it has to go up a hill, but you go straight up the hill.


When you first get on the Patriot you have to go up a hill and when you go up you are going really slow, but when you get to the very top of the hill you go down you get faster.

How the forces affect the people and the ride

For the ride when you have to go upside down friction will help you not go very fast and when you end the ride friction helps you stop.Also the acceleration will help the ride go fast when it needs to so it doesn't just stop and get stuck. When you are on the ride the friction will help you not go to fast and get hurt. Also gravity will help you stay in you seat and not fly around.
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Newtons laws

With newtons third law when you are siting on the ride, the ride will push back with the same reaction.