november 29

a recap of the november 29th committee of the whole meeting

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Board of Education Meeting | November 29, 2020


This meeting was a Committee of the Whole meeting. The Board does not take action at the Committee of the Whole meetings and the items before the group at any meeting are limited. This allows for extended discussion on topics of interest to the Board.

The topic up for discussion: Transitional Model of Reopening - Update

This meeting was held virtually, via Zoom and all public comments were submitted via an online Google form prior to the meeting. All comments received prior to 12 pm (noon) on Sunday, November 29, 2020 were categorized, and read aloud at the meeting. The reading of those comments begin at the 1:40 mark of the meeting and can be viewed at this link:

Any public comment submitted prior to the start of the meeting at 2 pm on Sunday, November 29, 2020, are available in full and can be read by visiting

Categorized summary of Public Comments submitted via Email:

  • Do not take an adaptive pause (78)

  • Do take an adaptive pause (49)

  • Superintendent is not executing the board motions satisfactorily (1)

  • Continue to follow already established metrics (1)

  • Advocate for full in-person and urge District to announce a plan to stay in full in-person all year regardless of any state changes (1)

  • Board is not representing community by ignoring metrics (1)

  • Finalize metrics (1)

  • If we don’t move to full in-person, consider how hybrid could be improved (2)

  • Petition saying "No" to an adaptive pause with submitter stating there are 127 signatures (1)

  • Petition that metrics must mirror the Illinois State Board of Education and Illinois Department of Public Health with submitter stating there are over 300 signatures (1)

  • Do not use the number of student COVID-19 cases as a metric. Kids can be asymptomatic and District 25 is not testing students. (1)

  • District 25 should follow scientific solutions to mitigating the pandemic - stay home with minimal contact outside of your family (1)

  • Board of Education should communicate metrics for an Adaptive Pause and clarify the reasons that the health department recommendations are not being used (6)

  • Board of Education should make decisions based on science - there is no cluster spread in District 25 (1)

  • District 25 should make grades exempt during the pandemic (1)

  • Childcare for staff should not figure into District 25’s decision (1)

  • Use school-based metrics when determining metrics (8)

  • Open schools fully as soon as possible (11)

  • Concerned for the well-being of the staff (1)

  • Separate in-person learning from remote learning (1)

  • Concerned that the Social Emotional Learning we teach students doesn’t match our actions (1)

  • Thank you for giving parents a choice (1)

  • Give the Superintendent the ability to make decisions (1)

  • Please keep in mind the Board of Education Roles and Responsibilities, the Governance Framework, and honor the Board Member Oath (3)


superintendent report

The motion made on November 19th includes the phrase “Furthermore, that the Board meet to provide further clarification about entry and exit criteria for our methods of instruction during the remainder of the school year”.

Sunday's meeting, therefore, was for the Board to discuss what metrics they feel the administration should reference when making the decision to fluidly move among Remote Learning, Hybrid Learning, and Full In-Person Learning.

Attached for the Board’s review are the metrics suggested by:


Special Board Meeting

Friday, Dec. 4th, 7pm

This is an online event.

This event will be held via Zoom. Click here to virtually attend this meeting.

Public Comments

Governor Pritzker’s November 13 Disaster Declaration provides that, for purposes of the Open Meetings Act virtual-meeting provision, public health concerns currently render in-person attendance of more than 10 people at the regular meeting location not feasible.

Therefore, in-person public comment is not available to the public. Anyone who has a public comment is welcome to submit their comment using the following NEW process by filling out the public comments Google Form.

Please include your name, email, mailing address, and comment.

School Board Meeting

Thursday, Dec. 10th, 7:30pm

400 South Highland Avenue

Arlington Heights, IL


The December 10th meeting will now be held at South Middle School and will be livestreamed via YouTube. To livestream this meeting, click here:

The Tax Levy Public Hearing will be held virtually at this meeting at 7:15 pm via this link (CLICK HERE). For information on the Tax Levy Public Hearing, click here.