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Dakar A Crazy Fun- Filled Capital City of Senegal

Discover its Enchanting Beauty

Visited by large number of tourists, Senegal is a country situated in West Africa. Its geographic location makes it a privileged platform and gateway in West Africa. Renowned for its vibrancy and quality of life, Dakar is the capital of Senegal and former capital of French West Africa is a bustling city of more than 2 million inhabitants. It is the political, commercial and cultural capital of Senegal, which is remarkably multi-ethnic and religiously plural city which is a home to each of country’s ethnic groups, vibrant communities indicative of Senegal’s place as a crossroads of African, Islamic and European culture where many international meetings and conference are held. So pack your bags and book flights to Senegal, and discover its enchanting beauty.

There are so many things in Dakar that will surely amaze you. Sprawling across the Cap-Vert peninsula, the city is a jumble of villages and former French colonial towns. It is not the architecture that makes it a great place but the people and atmosphere they create. Athletic is perhaps the top adjective used to describe most Senegalese Men. Running is huge in Dakar as most of the men are lean tall and muscular and with big groups of guys talking to the roads in the evening and after some day’s high humidity disappeared is a common sight.

Visit Dakar Zoo located in Parc de Hann, in the eastern part of city is awesome because here you can get an opportunity to get close enough to wild animals and see every whisker on their faces which is vastly different from westernized countries.

Dakar is also famous for its beaches and among them Yoff Beach, on Dakar’s northern coast is awesome. With blue water, perfect conditions for boogie-boarding or surfing, you can easily enjoy your leisure time outside the water by soaking up sunrays or watching people playing football on the sand. So just don’t wait and book cheap flights to Dakar and enjoy a different world altogether.

If you want to enjoy decent drinks and fun atmosphere then do visit the Patio in the Almadies which is eight miles north of downtown. The Almadies is the most affluent section of city where you can hang up, enjoy drinks and upbeat tunes.