3rd Grade News

February 2nd to 6th

Hello From Third Grade

January is coming to an end. We are off to a great start for 3rd Marking Period. Please make sure to keep checking your child's progress on Synergy.

Thank you to Mrs. Kimball for teaching me how to upload videos onto this newsletter. We are all learning all the time.



In Math we have been working hard at learning division concepts.The students understand that when we multiply we start with the equal parts to get the whole on the other hand, when we divide we start with the whole and share into equal parts. We will assess our knowledge on these skills on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 3RD.
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In writing we are beginning to learn about Realistic Fiction stories. Look below at the anchor chart to see the characteristics of a Realistic Fiction story. We have learned that a Realistic Fiction Story has a realistic problem, the character(s) have certain wants or needs and the story takes place in a realistic place (school, playground, park, house, football field, cafeteria, etc...). We know that we can get our ideas from our own personal experiences so we have brainstormed and talked about how we could make our own stories into a Realistic Fiction Story.

Social Studies

Father Marquette

Below is our guest presenter Mr. Ghareeb sharing with the students how Native Americans lived on the land we now call MICHIGAN! As you can see they were very intrigued by his knowledge and with the artifacts he brought.

In Social Studies we our working on our Father Marquette Books. We know that Father Marquette came to North America to spread his religion and he explored the Mississippi River with Louse Jolliet.
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In Reading we are reading a lot of Non-Fiction text books. Students are learning so many new and interesting facts.

Compliment Friday: Where My Heart is Touched

Compliment Friday is the best way to end a long week of learning. Students share their heartfelt compliments to their peers. Recognizing someone for being a great friend, thanking someone for helping them understand when they didn't, apologizing for not doing the right thing, and recognizing someone's hard work and effort are just a few of the compliments shared during this time. Below is a video clip of Lillian thanking Ben for being a great table mate and helping her out and Emma thanking classmates for being good friends!
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