ECHS Staff Newsletter

Week of April 11, 2016

"There are no limits. Only plateaus and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them."

Our Mission

We believe that through teaching and learning, we have the opportunity to impact and positively change the lives of our students. We believe that all students are capable of defining and experiencing success, ultimately building confidence in themselves while instilling a spirit of generosity, drive, passion, and focus. We work in collaboration with San Jacinto College to help at-risk students attain college credit with the aspiration of earning an Associate’s Degree and Distinguished High School diploma in four years.

"When Students See Themselves As Their Own Teacher"

What are the differences between an assessment-capable learner and a self-regulated learner? Do they overlap or are they completely separate? In this short clip (, John Hattie spends a few minutes talking about assessment-capable students and gives his thoughts on the overlapping terms "life-long learner", "self-regulated learner", "meta-cognition", and the other terms we use to describe where we want our students to be.

Our Theory of Action with Instructional Rounds speaks of the goal of our students being able to self-regulate their own learning. As we conduct our Internal Instructional Rounds, we will continue to focus on those same elements (student talk/ teacher talk, feedback, and student responses. In addition to this, we will look at teacher moves or lesson designs that prompt student meta-cognition.

Reading Corner

“6 Entries for Deeper Learning” As I read this article, I immediately thought of the importance of displaying student work. I shared some examples of this from our classes and hallways (see below).

"Happy Birthday To..."

Monday: Dariana Gonzalez (2018), Javontey Harper (2017)

Tuesday: Xavier Espinosa (2019)

Wednesday: Ashia Bailey (2019), Jacob Haro (2017)

Thursday: Cristina Lopez (2017)

Friday: Leonardo Diaz (2019)

Saturday: Summer Bridges (2019)

Upcoming Events & Reminders

Upcoming Events

  • Monday PLC (April 11, 2016) from 11:25-11:50 in room 129.
  • This week we are on an A-B-A-B-F schedule.
  • We will have a meeting for all ECHS Seniors Monday morning at 7:30 a.m. in the KHS Annex Cafe.
  • Class of 2020 Pinning Ceremony (April 12, 2016). Please arrive to SJC Fine Arts Building by 6:00 p.m.
  • Internal Instructional Rounds (Week of April 11, 2016). Details will be provided during PLC this week.
  • We will have our Senior Panoramic Picture this Friday. Please wear your Senior Baseball Tee.
  • The district will hold it's Wellness Fair this Thursday from 2:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m. in the competition gym. You may also pick up your packet for the Sheldon Shuffle!


  • Be sure to upload your lesson plans through Google Drive. Please see Mrs. Scull if you need any assistance.
  • Please be sure that you are greeting students at your doorway at the beginning of each class and that you are out in the hallways before your conference period.
  • Learning Targets and agendas should be posted and visible in your classrooms.

My Schedule This Week (April 11-15, 2016)

Monday: On Campus

Tuesday: On Campus

Wednesday: On Campus

Thursday: On Campus

Friday: On Campus