Saranac High School Counseling News

February 2019

Nothing New Under the Sun-TONIGHT

Monday, Feb. 11th, 6pm

70 Picketts Corners Road

Saranac, NY

Saranac Central School District, in conjunction with Champlain Valley Family Center (CVFC) and Clinton County Reality Check, present an informational session on vaping, drug trends, addiction and long-term substance disorders. Nichole Christiansen, Prevention Services Director at CVFC, Ashley Peryer, Prevention Counselor at Saranac Middle and High School (CVFC), and Scott Rouch, Reality Check Program Coordinator will share information on who vape products are marketed to, how does nicotine and substance use impact youth and their developing brain, and what exactly are kids vaping (it is not just nicotine!).

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

CV-TEC Career Day RESCHEDULED for February 28th

Because of our snow day on Thursday, February 7th, we have rescheduled our CV-TEC Career Day for Thursday, February 28th. This will be a half day field trip for students to preview three CV-TEC programs they may be interested in attending next year. We will reach out to all students that have already signed up about the date change, but if your child is interested and did not sign up please complete the documents below.

College 101-Juniors

On Wednesday, March 20th, juniors will have the opportunity to attend College 101 at Clinton Community College. This field trip will have an admissions panel, a student panel, and a small college fair with two-year and four-year colleges as well as state and private universities. This is a great chance to learn more about the college admissions process from admissions counselors as well as a chance to network with prospective colleges your child might be interested in attending.

Crary Scholarship

We have a local, renewable scholarship for eligible seniors. The application is web-based and we want to make sure you have all of the information. There are income eligibility guidelines that a family must meet in order to qualify. Crary will increase the scholarship for a student and/or family that serves in a local fire department. In order to receive this increase (the amount has not been determined) the student has to have served for 1 year or a parent/guardian has to have served for 5 years or more. The scholarship will go live on March 1st, 2019. This scholarship must be filled out by the student no later than May 1st, 2019. We encourage you to find out more information at the link below.

AP Exams Payment DUE March 25th

Advanced Placement exams will take place in May. Each exam costs $94, unless the student qualifies for free or reduced lunch. If your child qualifies, he/she must notify us and the fee will be $53. It is anticipated that New York State will offset the cost of the reduced exam, but we will not know by how much until after payment is due. When we find out how much, we will refund students. Payment is due by March 25th to Mrs. Venne in the Guidance Office. Exam dates are posted below.

Important Dates

  • 2/28/19: CV-TEC Career Day Field Trip-sophomores
  • 3/9/19: SAT (register by February 8th
  • 3/20/19: College 101 Field Trip-juniors
  • 4/13/19: ACT (register by March 8th
  • 5/4/19:SAT (register by April 5th
  • 5/6/19: AP Government Exam
  • 5/8/19 AP English Exam
  • 5/10/19: AP US History Exam
  • 5/14/19: AP Calculus Exam (1/2 DAY)
  • 6/1/19: SAT (register by May 3rd
  • 6/8/19: ACT (register by May 3rd