February 1st News

Local Vocals Lowdown

We began class using rhythm sticks for a fun tempo exercise. The word tempo means "time" and refers to the speed at which music progresses. Once we ran through a few practices, everyone was able to keep the tempo of songs played while using their rhythm sticks!

After reviewing proper singing posture and doing vocal warm ups, we sang through a couple of our focus songs and concentrated on timing. We're impressed how quickly everyone is learning already!

Class ended by discussing the role a conductor plays in a choir. We had some great answers from the students on why they thought a conductor is important. Everyone had the chance to be a conductor using their lightsabers (glow sticks) to the theme of "Star Wars"!

What a fantastic group we had last night! Thank you to all of the buddies who showed up and to the students for sharing with them! We had a great time!

Registration closes after next week! If you know of someone who still wants to register please let them know!

Lightsaber Conducting